Inspiring archive for 2018-06-29

“Fool’s Gold” by Artist Shawn Huckins

(2 years ago)
Shawn Huckins (previously featured here). At first glance, Colorado-based artist Shawn Huckins’ “Erasure” series looks like a collection of images that have been altered using a digital eraser tool to reveal the empty checkered pattern layer beneath. A closer look reveals that the works are actually meticulously detailed acrylic paintings, recreations selected from the White … Continued

10 SEC READING: careful with your work

(2 years ago)
Illustration by Ken CraneAs a boy, Abin-Alsar overheard a conversation between his father and a dervish. “Careful with your work”, said the dervish. “Think of what future generations will say about you.” “So what?”, replied his father, “When I die, everything shall end, and it will not matter what they say.” Abin-Alsar never forgot that […]