Inspiring archive for 2018-07-09

Illustrator Spotlight: Lan Truong

(2 years ago)
A selection of work from illustrator Lan Truong from Portland, Oregon. See more images below.                                         Lan Truong’s Website Lan Truong on Instagram

“Sun on the City” by Photographer Enzo Dizarn

(2 years ago)
French photographer Enzo Dizarn The sun reveals the city : its warm and cold colors, its cracks and dying plastered walls, its electric cables and impenetrable windows. The shadows create countless graphic lines. The city is highlighted and its split elements interconnected. When the sun is on the city, the photographic playground is boundless. See … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Mandy Sham

(2 years ago)
Mandy Sham                                                                                                           … Continued