Inspiring archive for 2018-07-18

Artist Spotlight: Wiley Wallace

(2 years ago)
New works by Phoenix-born painter Wiley Wallace (previously featured here). See more images from “Stay Connected” below or on display at Thinkspace gallery in Culver City until July 21.                                         Wiley Wallace’s Website Wiley Wallace on … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Kima Lenaghan

(2 years ago)
An imaginative series by Toronto-based artist Kima Lenaghan. Homo Conscius (latin for ‘conscious human’) is an ongoing collection of works that theorize about a speculative evolutionary path where genuine and profound consciousness is found, in a parallel dimension to the existence of ‘Homo Sapiens’ (‘wise human’), whose presumed wisdom led to the creation and collective … Continued

Dipped Paintings by Artist Oliver Jeffers

(2 years ago)
Oliver Jeffers Oliver Jeffers’ Dipped Painting Project explores time’s effect on memory, and the importance storytelling has on our identity. Already 6 years underway, the project will conclude only after more than a decade of portraits and accompany performances are complete; the body of work evolving across multiple countries and venues in the form of … Continued