Inspiring archive for 2018-07-19

How to Thrive in the Midst of Personal Turbulence

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Two people wrote to me recently (a stranger and a good friend) who are going through some pretty turbulent times in their lives. The stranger is going through family chaos and health issues, just barely keeping their head above water, just trying to survive. The good friend is going through a time […]

Photographer Spotlight: Chiara Zonca

(2 years ago)
A gorgeous study of nature’s epic extremes from photographer Chiara Zonca (previously featured here). Travelling to New Zealand with the intention of documenting the active areas surrounding an andesite stratovalcano, located 30 miles off the main coast of the North Island and Whakaari, Zonca taps into the feeling of exploring a long-lost world. As she … Continued

“Marina Wonderland” by Photographer Joris Hermans

(2 years ago)
A selection of images taken in Chennai, India by photographer Joris Hermans. Usually based in Belgium, Hermans has been travelling indefinitely with his girlfriend since February of this year. Drawn to places that aren’t obviously memorable, the pair spent most evenings taking in the surreal atmosphere of the vast urban beach that runs along the … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Watch

(2 years ago)
Paintings by Toronto-based artist Andrew Watch. See more images below.                                                                     Andrew Watch’s Website Andrew Watch on Instagram