Inspiring archive for 2018-07-23

Artist Spotlight: Teng-Yuan Chang

(2 years ago)
Teng-Yuan Chang (previously featured here).                                                         Teng-Yuan Chang’s Website Teng-Yuan Chang on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Tae Lee

(2 years ago)
Tae Lee (previously featured here). My work is my exploration on the place of consciousness and humanity in this reality. These days I’m seeing the force of causality as the dominating power that overrides self agency and decision making. Maybe its increasing humility with age, but I don’t see humans as an entity above the … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Alvaro Naddeo

(2 years ago)
Alvaro Naddeo                                                                 Alvaro Naddeo’s Website Alvaro Naddeo on Instagram Alvaro Naddeo at Thinkspace