Inspiring archive for 2018-09-06

“Notes on Love” by Artist Jen Mann

(2 years ago)
New paintings by Toronto-based artist Jen Mann (previously featured here). Continuing to explore themes of identity, we now see Mann turning to what is “other” as it relates to constructions of the self. As she describes, the series “consists of obsessions and abstractions of my partner, as I navigate my identity through him, our identity … Continued

“No Blue Without Yellow” by Artist Maciek Janicki

(2 years ago)
Maciek Janicki (previously featured here). His latest short film is titled No Blue Without Yellow, in which he utilized sampled paintings, following consequential times in Vincent Van Gogh’s life, to sculpt a 3-D version of the world Van Gogh lived. This short film will be released in partnership with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. … Continued