Inspiring archive for 2018-10-17

Artist Spotlight: WD

(12 months ago)
A selection of murals by Bali-born, Athens-based artist WD (Wild Drawing). See more images below.                                         WD’s Website WD on Instagram

Photographer Spotlight: Molly Strohl

(12 months ago)
Molly Strohl is a photographer and artist based in Portland, Oregon. Molly was gifted a Nimslo camera about six years ago and it has become her favorite tool when it comes to her photography. The Nimslo allows her to not only see an image compositionally in the frame but forces her to think about the … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Sarah Slappey

(12 months ago)
Paintings by artist Sarah Slappey. Exploring subtly horrifying worlds of lushly contorted appendages, the lightness and delicacy of Slappey’s work is consistently offset by her own dark sense of humour. As she herself describes: “Paradoxes within both the natural and human world are my main concern: softness is counterbalanced with aggression, comfort with vulnerability, banal … Continued

Moving the shadow

(12 months ago)
Myiamoto Musashi, the famous samurai who wrote the book The Book of Five Rings, comments that all the people in the world are always ready to defend themselves because they live in the fear and paranoia that others do not like them. In this way, our adversary too – however brilliant he may be – […]