Inspiring archive for 2018-10-25

A New Approach for When You Realize You’re Overcommitted & Overloaded

(12 months ago)
By Leo Babauta Many of us are pretty busy, not only with a full plate in front of us, but constantly piling more and more onto the already overfull plate. What’s going on here? Why are we so overloaded? And how do we start to deal with this constant problem? If you’re like me, you […]

1 MIN reading: the child within us

(12 months ago)
We must listen to the child that we once were, and who still lives within us. This child understands about magic instants. We can muffle his sobbing, but we can’t hush his voice. If we aren’t reborn, if we don’t see life again with the innocence and enthusiasm of childhood, then there is no more […]