Inspiring archive for 2018-11-05

Artist Spotlight: Karin Waskiewicz

(11 months ago)
Karin Waskiewicz Waskiewicz aims to decode the physical and affective elements of a landscape into a complex color system, breaking down colors into swatches to capture the ways in which slight variations in hue and shade vibrate within the eye. She applies multiple layers of acrylic paint before carving back into the built-up surface with … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Idun Baltzersen

(11 months ago)
Drypoint works by artist Idun Baltzersen from Stockholm, Sweden. See more below. All images courtesy of Galleri Magnus Karlsson.                                                                         … Continued

Train Your Mind Using the Puppy Method

(11 months ago)
By Leo Babauta The mind can be trained to do almost anything. It can be trained, for example, to get used to any situation, like sitting in silence for a long time, or concentrating on a task. However, usually we’re training our minds to do what we don’t want: be distracted, give in to cravings […]