Inspiring archive for 2018-11-09

Ithaca by K. Kavafis

(10 months ago)
Ithaca is a greek island generally identified as the home of Odysseus, whose delayed return to the island is the subject of Homer’s Odyssey. As you set out for Ithaca hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians, Cyclops, angry Poseidon – don’t be afraid of them: you’ ll […]

Brilliant Upcycled Footwear and Apparel Concepts by Designer Nicole McLaughlin

(10 months ago)
Nicole McLaughlin                                                                         Nicole McLaughlin on Instagram

“Shores of Heaven” by Photographer Liam MacCormack

(10 months ago)
Series by Boston-based photographer Liam MacCormack.                                                                         Liam MacCormack’s Website Liam MacCormack on Instagram

“GIB” by Artist Jean Jullien

(10 months ago)
Jean Jullien (previously featured here). See more images from “GIB” below or on display at at Arsham/Fieg Gallery in New York until November 18.                                                     Jean Jullien’s Website Jean Jullien … Continued