Inspiring archive for 2019-01-21

“Recognition Memory” by Artist Eliana Marinari

(9 months ago)
Eliana Marinari                         Eliana Marinari’s Website Eliana Marinari on Instagram

Illustrator Spotlight: Max Guther

(9 months ago)
A selection of recent work from Berlin-based illustrator Max Guther (previously featured here). See more images below.                                         Max Guther’s Website Max Guther on Instagram

“Drought” by Peter Hadfield & Cameron McKague

(9 months ago)
Drought is a self-published collaboration between Toronto-based cinematographer and photographer Peter Hadfield and graphic designer Cameron McKague. Limited to a numbered edition, the work primarily focuses on 48 images of drained public swimming pools that highlight and explore western society’s relationship with water and its use. A thoughtful foreword by Douglas Hamilton-Evans comissioned for the … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Tommy Nease

(9 months ago)
Tommy Nease is a black and white photographer currently based in Washington State. His work is an ongoing attempt to reveal the human psyche and its relationship with the natural realm. He is represented by Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, GA.                             … Continued