Inspiring archive for 2019-06-11

“Time Lapse” by Photographer Xan Padrón

(5 months ago)
My interest has always been “capturing” the soul of a place through the people that happens to be there. Motion City was one of my first projects in this sense. I spent two years 2007-2009 shooting from a NYC public bus in all neighborhoods. Since my photographic work was always centered in people, I really … Continued

“High Hokum” by Illustrator Oriana Fenwick

(5 months ago)
Oriana Fenwick High Hokum was a personal/ free project I did back in 2014, this was my abstract take on the way we as humans go about highlighting sentiment and emotion like select memorabilia in a glass cabinet. I chose to use specific objects and shapes as placeholders for these intangible parts of human nature. … Continued