Inspiring archive for 2019-07-18

Artist Spotlight: Jade Rivera

(2 months ago)
Jade Rivera                             Jade Rivera’s Website Jade Rivera on Instagram

“Walk_Texas/Mexico” by Photographer Derek Beck

(2 months ago)
I was given a grant through the Houston Arts Alliance to continue the Walk_ series. I pitched to them to shoot 5 cities in Texas and 5 in Mexico. I’m at the halfway point and I wanted to share some of the work with you! Here is the most recent video from Guanajuato, Mexico. I … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Francisco Díaz aka Pastel

(2 months ago)
Pastel                                             Pastel’s Website Pastel on Instagram

Illustrator Spotlight: Chrigel Farner

(2 months ago)
Chrigel Farner                                                 Chrigel Farner’s Website Chrigel Farner on Instagram