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Meet The Milk Stand 2016 [VIDEO]

(7 minutes ago)
Step into the Milk Stand popup shop we hosted at ICFF 2016, featuring 14 designers and a giant milk carton!

Reflect: Curated Objects from 16 US Studios

(One hour ago)
A curated exhibition of one-of-a-kind objects that draw on the same theme.

The Third Dimension of Cooking

(4 hours ago)
The Third Dimension of CookingA small kitchen can discourage people from cooking at home and eating healthy. To combat this problem, the Axis 3D cooking system allows users...

Finally, a projector to be proud of!

(7 hours ago)
Finally, a projector to be proud of!My new place has a big white wall above the fireplace, so I was thinking about ditching my TV and looking into getting a...

Shake it off!

(3 days ago)
Shake it off!Sometimes a simple idea makes a product experience volumes better. I’ve said this loads of times in my articles, showcasing products that I feel...

Moto Reimagined

(3 days ago)
Moto ReimaginedI feel we should banish the word sleek from our dictionaries. Enough is enough. I don’t want a razor thin phone, I just want...

Council Debuts The Drift Collection by Branch

(3 days ago)
Council debuted a three piece collection from Branch that's inspired by driftwood.

A Game of Phone Thrones

(3 days ago)
A Game of Phone ThronesYes, if the iPhone ruled Westeros, it would probably do it perched on top of the BEVL. The BEVL compliments the iPhone perfectly, and...

An Industrial Loft in The Netherlands

(3 days ago)
A historic loft in Amsterdam was recently refurbished pairing HI-MACS® material with original details.

Technology Will Save Us Launches DIY Wearable Kits

(3 days ago)
Now kids can code their own wearables using this kit.

A Kitchen with No Secrets!

(3 days ago)
A Kitchen with No Secrets!Made almost entirely of glass, the MVRDV designed Infinity Kitchen is a fully transparent twist on the typical modern day modular kitchen! The design...

WantedDesign 2016: Part 2

(3 days ago)
We head back to WantedDesign 2016 to give you Part 2 of our favorite designs from this year's show.

TWELVE: Modular Magnetic Lamps

(4 days ago)
A lighting system that lets the user customize the design to satisfy their needs thanks to its modular design and magnetic connections.

Friday Five with Runa Klock

(4 days ago)
In this week's Friday Five, Runa Klock shares what keeps her happy and inspired as a person and as a designer.

The Tonka Truck of Scooters

(4 days ago)
The Tonka Truck of ScootersThe Hornet’s rugged design makes it the perfect introductory scooter for kids! Oversized tires take on rocks and uneven terrain, expanding its range, and...

The Truck mobile bookshelf

(4 days ago)
The Truck, mobile bookshelf designed by Matti Klenell for Sundlings  could be a nice addition...

The New Electron Chair

(4 days ago)
Fresh news from Konstantin Achkov, known for his projects in interlocking systems and puzzle...

Mal Clapchair

(4 days ago)
Every chair inspires another, so does the Clapchair" says Mal Furniture, the company behind the...

Times 4 Coffee table

(4 days ago)
A simple and genius idea. "A coffee table that acknowledges the need for storage, and individuality...

DOTS lamp

(4 days ago)
"Simple and stylish. It has one simple shape. Dots has interesting pattern which creats lovely...

CORNERS stationery

(4 days ago)
"When we write on paper, we start from the upper left corner. It allows us to structure our words...

TECHNE 'green' staircase

(4 days ago)
The Techne staircase is the product of extensive research and innovation by Italian designer,...


(4 days ago)
Following what Konstantin Grcic thinks about how we should approach the concept of the lamp in...

HALO seating system

(4 days ago)
"The Halo seating system comes from the idea of mixing and matching different backrest elements to...

Age-old healing meets modern tech.

(4 days ago)
Age-old healing meets modern tech.The Zero Degree inhaler is a modern twist on the ancient practice of aromatherapy to revitalize body and mind! Unlike slow absorption or ingestion...

Playing with MORMI

(4 days ago)
MORMI is a fusion of ideas from two designers, combining each other's experience in parenting and...

The Concrete Beat

(4 days ago)
The Concrete BeatThe Concretus is the kind of speaker that becomes the topic of conversation, but it isn’t the kind you can carry around showing everyone....

Make you Feel on ‘Top’ of the World!

(4 days ago)
Make you Feel on ‘Top’ of the World!You probably think I’m going to make an Inception reference, but I’m not! Let’s move beyond stating the obvious and talk about the Foreverspin....

Haruka Misawa’s Enchanting 3D Printed Waterscape Aquariums

(4 days ago)
An extraordinary gallery of underwater realms created with 3D printing and the creative compositions of Nendo and Muji alum, Haruka Misawa.

Poles can be cold

(4 days ago)
Poles can be coldNot talking about the north and south poles! I’m talking about the metal poles in buses and subways. I cringe at the idea of...

The Surreal Art of Paul Fuentes

(4 days ago)
We fell for the unique work of Paul Fuentes who also happens to also sell work through Society6.

Away Opens A Concept Store Highlighting Global Destinations

(4 days ago)
Travel brand Away has a created a modern retail experience in New York unlike other traditional stores.

Best of ICFF 2016: Part 3

(4 days ago)
A final look at 2016's ICFF, where we hunted down the best modern furniture and accessories we could find.

Marie Christine Dorner for Ligne Roset

(5 days ago)
Ligne Roset partners up with Marie Christine Dorner to debut a collection of elevated French designs.

Polarity Collection by Visibility

(5 days ago)
Polarity Collection is a line of minimalist accessories created by New York-based designers Visibility for Visual Magnetics. While most accessories require hardware to attach to a wall, Visual Magnetics allow users to attach accessories to their high-performance magnetic primer and wallpaper. Highlighting the company’s custom-engineered InvisiLock system, the accessories sit freely, yet locked onto the wall surface,... Read more »

Bicycle Blowout? Don’t sweat it!

(5 days ago)
Bicycle Blowout? Don’t sweat it!Chances are, if you’ve ever had a bicycle breakdown, you haven’t had your tools handy to make the repair. Designed for casual and serious...

SilentKeys kicks spy butt!

(5 days ago)
SilentKeys kicks spy butt!I love the way the designers put this: “You wouldn’t leave the curtain open when getting undressed so why leave your computer and web...

CKIE Product of the week – Scallop Watch

(5 days ago)
CKIE Product of the week – Scallop WatchOnly recently, I was made aware of the art of Guilloche. Guilloche is defined as a decorative technique involving intricate, precise, and repetitive patterns,...

Fluid Inspired Architecture

(5 days ago)
Fluid Inspired ArchitectureIn a world where buildings look like they’re made from Lego blocks, the UNIC stands out like an alien structure amidst civilization. The UNIC’s...

Nursery Works Brings Excitement to Baby Furniture

(5 days ago)
Nursery furniture has pretty much been the same for years, but Nursery Works has raised the bar on rockers, bassinets, and more.

A Watch That Makes You Smarter

(5 days ago)
A Watch That Makes You SmarterTen years back, if someone said the word Smartwatch, you’d probably think they were talking about a smart looking wristwatch. Like a dashing timepiece....

Rabbit Snare Gorge: A Cabin in Nova Scotia

(5 days ago)
A tower-like cabin built to withstand the brutal elements of Nova Scotia.

WantedDesign 2016: Part 1

(5 days ago)
We visited one of our NYCxDESIGN week favorites, WantedDesign, an exhibition curated by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat.

The Hubble Bubble, Reimagined

(5 days ago)
The Hubble Bubble, ReimaginedThe hookah has been a part of worldwide culture for almost a thousand years but that does”t mean it can’t be improved! The ETNA...

James Turrell: Early Work

(5 days ago)
James Turrell is showcasing his first experiments with light at Pace Gallery in New York.

MATERIAL New Lighting Collection

(6 days ago)
New lighting from MATERIA is inspired by nature as well as the materials and methods used to create designs from raw natural materials

Get Out! Modern Hammocks from Lujo

(6 days ago)
Are you ready for a Summer of lounging? We sure are! Especially if it involves one of these modern hammocks...

When aerospace-specialists develop a motorcycle instead of spaceships!

(6 days ago)
When aerospace-specialists develop a motorcycle instead of spaceships!Us gearheads are quick to throw each new bike (and their riders) into a specific category – oh, it’s a supersport with squid appeal…...

Awww, hugs!

(6 days ago)
Awww, hugs!Sure, the Michaela chair is just as stylish as the next contempt seating solution. Yes, it’s very versatile with varying base options ranging from...

Proof that whales are ‘cool’ creatures!

(6 days ago)
Proof that whales are ‘cool’ creatures!A major part of the green design movement involves minimizing waste by recycling it. Most people think of waste in terms of things you...
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