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Latitude: Furniture You Can Adjust by Julie Gaillard

(16 hours ago)
Modern wooden furniture with moving slats that let you hide or display what you're storing.

A 90’s, Split Level Bungalow Goes Modern

(17 hours ago)
A typical 90's bungalow becomes a modern, split level dream.

Morpholio Drops Journal App Giving You a Sketchbook with Infinite Possibilities

(18 hours ago)
Morpholio's latest app is like your beloved paper sketchbook mixed with caffeine, steroids, and magic.

Enter the Wine, Dine & Design Sweepstakes!

(19 hours ago)
You deserve to be pampered with great design. From modern furniture to artist-designed wines, enter for a chance to win this prize package!

out for space Reimagines Rattan in a New Colorful Collection

(20 hours ago)
Rattan is reimagined into a colorful, eye-popping collection of functional goods.

1st Design-Focused Hotel in an Up-and-Coming Area of Long Island City

(21 hours ago)
The first design-focused, modern boutique hotel now calls Long Island City home.

Geometric 3D Mirrors by Stonefox Architects

(2 days ago)
A collection of geometric, three-dimensional wall mirrors that feature colorful edges.

Spahaus: A Modern House Integrated Into the Natural Environment

(2 days ago)
A modern approach to a mountain house surrounded by nature.

A Cloud-Inspired Sofa and Armchair

(2 days ago)
With its cozy nest of foam pillows, this cloud-inspired seating is soft and comfortable.

Desktop Wallpaper: August 2015

(2 days ago)
Download this free desktop/tech wallpaper that inspires you to let go of the fear of failure and just go with your gut.

The WiFi, Bluetooth Connected Trefecta DRT e-Bike

(2 days ago)
An aluminum and carbon fiber electric bike engineered for the road and off-road with Bluetooth and wi-fi built into the handlebars.

Posters Celebrating 7 Decades of Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 Chair

(2 days ago)
A collection of culturally relevant posters to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen's Series 7 Chair.

CHAYR: A Cozy Seat Made From Hay and Grass

(5 days ago)
A cozy seat made using hay and grass that reminds you of nature and well being.

Serpentine Galleries Park Nights Yields Delightful Results

(5 days ago)
A summertime art program that yielded a magical pavilion and a modern backpack from COS.

Sculptural Lamps that Transform When Turned On & Off

(5 days ago)
A series of lamps that physically transform when it's time to turn them on and off.

Turing Robotic Industries Liquid Metal Smartphones Would Complement Your Sneaker Collection

(5 days ago)
A new Android phone inspired by a 1979 anime is designed to be nearly unbreakable and un-hackable.

A Curvy Sofa Reminiscent of a Grand Piano

(5 days ago)
A grand piano inspired sofa named after legendary singer and pianist, Nina Simone.

Friday Five with James Dyson

(5 days ago)
The man behind the Dyson brand shares what keeps his inventor brain inspired.

Bare Wood Becomes Ethereal with Wooden Aquarelle

(6 days ago)
Liquid pigments flow randomly creating color gradients on wooden surfaces resulting in ethereal panels of art.

Lion Pride on Society6

(6 days ago)
Inspired by recent events, we wanted a way to show our love for the king of the jungle, also - how to donate.

A Narrow House Built Within Heavily Populated Osaka

(6 days ago)
A cleverly designed, modern house in Osaka that's only 11 feet wide.

The Geometric Installations of Adrian Esparza

(6 days ago)
Adrian Esparza meticulously deconstructs traditional sarapes and turns them into something beautiful.

Wearable, Edible Design

(6 days ago)
Turn seasonal produce into wearable, edible design you can snack on when you get the munchies.

Two New Armchairs From Dave Flynn

(6 days ago)
Two new colorful wooden armchairs inspired by a 24-hour race.

BIDD Shelf by Kittipoom Songsiri

(6 days ago)
A minimalist bookshelf solves the problem of needing bookends to store your books.

Vans + Eley Kishimoto Partner to Launch Living Art Collection

(7 days ago)
When Vans partners with Eley Kishimoto, bold magic happens.

Timely and Intelligent: The Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart 1957 Special Edition Watch

(7 days ago)
Swiss watch brand Mondaine introduces special edition Helvetica smartwatch with only 1,957 made in the world.

Northwestern Sailing Center by Woodhouse Tinucci Architects

(7 days ago)
Woodhouse Tinucci Architects designed an LEED Gold Certified building to house Northwestern University's sailing team.

Concrescence: Modern Concrete & Wood Planters

(7 days ago)
A series of concrete and wooden planters that can be used in a variety of ways.

CR45: A Cantilevered Chair by Many Hands Design

(7 days ago)
A modern, cantilevered chair constructed from high carbon steel and sash cord.

Majestic Beach Towels from Schönstaub

(7 days ago)
Schönstaub expands their collection with oversized, printed beach towels that feature majestic, photorealistic, space-like images.
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