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John McCracken-Inspired Lighting by Sergio Mannino

(10 hours ago)
A series of minimalist lamps inspired by artist John McCracken.

Gartner Innovation Center in Tel Aviv

(11 hours ago)
A young startup outfitted with traditional elements and plenty of color and character.

Bikes: The New Art Canvas

(12 hours ago)
Where art and transportation meet: Four artists get creative with a Martone bike.

Never Need a Locksmith Again

(13 hours ago)
My Own Locksmith is a key and lock cylinder combination with a resettable function that makes it easy to “change the lock” without actually...

Fresh From The Dairy: Confetti Phone Cases

(13 hours ago)
It's time to celebrate the everyday!

New Architectural Chairs from ODESD2

(14 hours ago)
A small collection of sleek, architectural chairs inspired by Japanese culture.

Tech Dopp Kit by This Is Ground

(15 hours ago)
Wrangle all those electronic cords and such with a sleek, stylish leather kit from This is Ground.

Putting the Life in Lifebuoy

(17 hours ago)
If only Titanic happened around 2015. Jack would have sailed to the nearest Solar Water Still on some debris and would have been just...

Precautionary Stationery

(19 hours ago)
I wasn’t let near a paper cutter till I was at least eight. I’m still mortified of breaking off the blunt section of the...

One Tense Table

(21 hours ago)
The Tension Table is a side table inspired by the notion of “tensegrity.” It was designed as a pure structure from which nothing could...

Window Breaking Made Easy

(21 hours ago)
In the event of an automotive accident that results in incapacitation of the doors, the Emergency Hammer comes in handy for safely shattering the...

Solitaire 3.0 Game Playing Cards IRL

(2 days ago)
Play the beloved online Microsoft Windows 3.0 Solitaire game - in real life.

CKIE Product of the week: Cubit Blue Watch

(2 days ago)
Human life revolves around squares. Eating square meals, living life fair and square, yada yada… It only was a matter of time till the...

Sunset Magazine’s 2015 Idea House

(2 days ago)
Sunset Magazine's 2015 Idea House saw the transformation of a mid-century modern ranch.

Safe Haven at Sea

(2 days ago)
The Duckweed Survival House is a floating emergency shelter designed to elevate survival rates and assist with rescues in disaster situations such as tsunamis...

Reform Challenges 3 Architects to Redesign an IKEA Kitchen

(2 days ago)
Classic white IKEA kitchens are transformed by 3 top Danish architects.

Bus-stand meets airport

(2 days ago)
Yes, I know, Public Transport’s not the classiest means of getting from A to B, but hey, could someone at least give us a...

3 Artworks That Changed My World

(2 days ago)
Months after these extraordinary gallery exhibitions have closed, we share three artworks that can't be forgotten.

New Designs from NOMTN

(2 days ago)
A small collection of furniture featuring warm wood and complementary pastel colors.

Birdhouses that are Cooler than Your Own House

(2 days ago)
Birdhouses you'll wish you lived in.

Lean, Green Washing Machine!

(2 days ago)
Supercritical is a conceptual washing machine that operates without water or detergent. It addresses the issues of unnecessary water consumption and pollution. The advantage...

Take Your Tunes Anywhere

(2 days ago)
While many portable Bluetooth speakers are rigid, the Extend Silicone Speaker is ultra-flexible with a tactile surface that makes it perfect for attaching almost...

This rope is dope

(3 days ago)
I don’t really exercise. However, I do think it’s a good idea! Moreover, if there’s any well designed fitness product out there, I’ll go...

Ridin’ Solo

(3 days ago)
The Solo concept bike isn’t just eye candy. Any serious biker would notice the smart re-design element in the concept bike. The bike features...

A Chair Dedicated to the Creator of the Geodesic Dome

(3 days ago)
A chair that is made up entirely of triangles.

DOUBLE VIEW HOUSE by Architekti Šebo Lichý

(3 days ago)
A house in Slovakia with views of the city on one side and tranquil views of the garden on the other.

Google OnHub Does Not Look Like Your Average Wi-Fi Router

(3 days ago)
Google aims to convince users to keep their Wi-Fi router out in the open with a design optimized to look good while connecting fast.

DIY Modern Address Planter

(3 days ago)
Can anyone believe that September is just around the corner? Seriously, where did the time go? With summer’s end on the horizon, I’m super excited to share with you a new Design Milk DIY that you can squeeze in before the fall arrives. I thought it was time to give a makeover to something that’s... Read more »

A Mobile Laboratory for a Skincare Brand’s Retail Store

(3 days ago)
A mobile, working laboratory allows customers to easily test out a skincare line.

Keep an Ear on Baby

(3 days ago)
The MINI Avent Baby Monitor is a safe, user-friendly product that helps parents keep an “ear” on their own mini-me. In the car, home...

Where I Work: Adam Rogers of Thos. Moser

(3 days ago)
We head to Maine to get an inside look as to where Thos. Moser's Adam Rogers works.

Industrial Lighting with a Twist

(3 days ago)
This wall or ceiling mounted luminaire called Throat brings a touch of playfulness to industrial-style lighting. Modeled after industrial ventilation pipes, the design is...

The Bi-folding Smartphone

(3 days ago)
LUNARK is a revolutionary smartphone design that utilizes a specialized hinge to allow its dual screens to perform a variety of functions in multiple...

Ferrolic Display Oozes Electromagnetic Personality

(4 days ago)
Powerful electromagnets and a fluid originally designed by NASA as rocket fuel come together alive as a clock like no other.

An Old World Inn in Cotswolds Gets a Modern Renovation

(4 days ago)
A historic inn gets a contemporary renovation.

Twistening and Listening

(4 days ago)
Donut underestimate the AeroTwist speakers! They come in all shapes and sizes. Well, basically one shape, but with its flexible design, you can twist...

A Sideboard Inspired by an Old Ammunition Chest

(4 days ago)
A multifunctional piece inspired by the shape of old ammunition chests used during war.

Retro-inspired Universal Device Holder

(4 days ago)
STAN is a device holder inspired by the classic desk lamp that allows you to hold virtually any smartphone, tablet, or eReader securely up...


(4 days ago)
Earlier this year we saw a test video with the possibility of touchscreens becoming more tactile. The screen had the ability to rise and...

On the Hunt for Modern Design: The Full Scoop on Online Auctions

(4 days ago)
Get tips and tricks from the pros on finding one-of-a-kid and authentic modern home decor and furniture.

Vipp Adds A Ceramics Collection to Their Expanding Brand

(4 days ago)
Vipp adds ceramics to their incredible roster.

From Sketch to Shape: Special Edition Wallpaper by Will Holmes

(4 days ago)
Designer Will Holmes walks us through the process of illustrating a quote from drawing to vector to final design.

A Pal at Picnics

(4 days ago)
We don’t often imagine disposable cutlery as being the easiest on the eyes, but Uria Graiver’s Knife & Fork will bring style and convenience...

An Autonomous Neighborhood EV

(4 days ago)
Gigatronik Golf Cart is a design study for the future of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV). This fully electric golf cart is designed to expand...

Moving Switches

(7 days ago)
The Rail Switch is for all us lazy people who are neatly tucked into bed and don’t want to get up to turn off...

Beach Waste Beauty: Embellished Sideboard Inspired by Barnacles

(7 days ago)
Found beach trash is turned into some eye-popping treasure.

A Fresh, Happy Holiday Apartment in Barcelona

(7 days ago)
A fresh, contemporary apartment in Barcelona that serves as a holiday home for an Italian family.

A New Collection of Office Furniture Focused on Community

(7 days ago)
A collection of office furniture that challenges conventional workspaces.

Stories of Light by Studio Dennis Parren

(7 days ago)
Studio Dennis Parren explores light through a lamp and art installation.

Warby Parker x Ghostly International Unveil Henning Glasses

(7 days ago)
The Henning is a special collaboration between eyewear specialists Warby Parker and music label Ghostly International.
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