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The Ultimate Running Machine

(One hour ago)
The Ultimate Running MachineThe latest from BMW Group’s Designworks, the X-CAT DISC is an athletic fashion statement that takes inspiration from the legendary GINA Light Concept car....

Light reading!

(10 hours ago)
Light reading!Good design is as little design as possible, says the design stalwart Dieter Rams. The Light Bookmark goes to show that sometimes the idea...

Hot Beverage + Hot Beats

(12 hours ago)
Hot Beverage + Hot BeatsGiven the option I’d probably want an audio system in everything around me. The people at Dubgear share that disposition of mine, which explains...

Exploring Atlanta’s Modern Homes

(14 hours ago)
We visited Serenbe and Atlanta to check out the modern houses on the MA! Design is Human architecture tours.

Power Under Water!

(15 hours ago)
Power Under Water!Look at the snorkel design and you’ll realize one thing. There’s just one pipe that serves as an inlet as well as outlet. In...

PENT. Luxury Fitness Equipment

(15 hours ago)
The gym has never looked so chic.

The Latest From BuzziSpace

(16 hours ago)
BuzziSpace continues to roll out new designs that are bound to get people talking.

Selfie better!

(16 hours ago)
Selfie better!Get smarter with your selfie-taking by using the Selfie Pro! It’s the ultimate tool for capturing YOU anywhere and everywhere. The design telescopes as...

Papila’s Food History Project

(17 hours ago)
Papila designed a beautiful book about the history of food using icons and brief explanations.

The Devialet Gold Phantom Delivers a Golden 4,500 Watts of Sound

(17 hours ago)
An innovative spherical wireless audio system designed to sound perfectly loud and clear, no matter where you're standing in a room.

VUUE: Modern Furniture That Works Both Indoors & Outdoors

(19 hours ago)
VUUE's debut collection, Mornington, offers tables and chairs for indoor and outdoor use.

The Sweet Spot Between Snorkel and Scuba

(21 hours ago)
The Sweet Spot Between Snorkel and ScubaEven if you’ve mastered the “duck dive”, that average snorkel’s major limitation is that you can’t stay deep for very long to experience what’s...

One Sexy Point-and-Shoot

(2 days ago)
One Sexy Point-and-ShootSegment is a simple, compact, mirrorless camera for the modern user. The design earns its namesake from a segment of the body that has...

A Banger Washing Machine + Hanger

(2 days ago)
A Banger Washing Machine + HangerThe Samsung Hanger Washing Machine just completes the entire washing process with an additional step. Spinning doesn’t get rid of all the water, and...

For Picture-Perfect Toast!

(2 days ago)
For Picture-Perfect Toast!If you look at a camera’s proportions, they’re really similar to the proportions of a toaster, sans the lens of course. Using that observation...

AA House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

(2 days ago)
A renovated Brazilian house that focuses on horizontal and vertical planes.

If Hermes Wore a Helmet

(2 days ago)
If Hermes Wore a HelmetOne of the major reasons cyclists forgo use of a helmet is simply because they aren’t easy to carry around. Many are willing to...

Listen: Episode 7 of Clever – Terry Crews

(2 days ago)
On this episode of Clever, Amy and Jaime talk to artist and design patron Terry Crews - you won't want to miss this one!

A Long Overdue Documentary about Dieter Rams

(2 days ago)
The legendary Dieter Rams will have a feature documentary made about his life and work.

Show – off that Woodie Strip

(2 days ago)
Show – off that Woodie StripYou know you have a winner, when you design for a consumer and not a client. What I mean by this, is that you...

Best of Dwell on Design 2016

(2 days ago)
We headed up to LA for Dwell on Design this past weekend and discovered a handful of cool, new designs.

Concreto By Daniele Ragazzo

(2 days ago)
Heavy concrete sits perilously on delicate glass.

Where I Work: BOWER

(2 days ago)
BOWER, founded in 2013 by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi, shares with us their Brooklyn studio where it all happens.

Meet Koenigsegg’s New Baby

(2 days ago)
Meet Koenigsegg’s New BabyDubbed the “Baby Koenigsegg” by designer Jennarong Muengtaweep of VanaticalDesign, the mouthwatering Legera concept (yes, sad face – only a concept) is the cherry...

Bye, Bye Bacteria

(3 days ago)
Bye, Bye BacteriaThink your hanging towel is clean because you only use it after you’ve rinsed off? Think again! That moist material (and your humid bathroom)...


(3 days ago)
Caravanderful!Somehow every third profile on Tinder and Instagram has this word ‘wanderlust’ in the prole bio. Yet I can’t see a single picture of...

Clean your device’s crevices

(3 days ago)
Clean your device’s crevicesThe Philips Inhaler may sound like a medical device, and it is… but it’s for computers. We install antiviruses, we take occasional backups onto...

Collar Brings Back the Ritual of Coffee Brewing

(3 days ago)
A set for coffee lovers to help bring back the ritual of brewing your own coffee.

1960s Stable Transformed into Studio/Guest Suite

(3 days ago)
A dilapidated stable and garage becomes a modern flex space for working, painting, or guests.

A Nice Ice Cappuccino!

(3 days ago)
A Nice Ice Cappuccino!One has to be either compromising or patient when it comes to cold-coffee. Try to cool your drink too fast using ice, and you’re...

Mounted Shelves that Explore Geometry

(3 days ago)
Laser cut and folded metal shelves and the offcut trays that come with them.

Angela Adams’ Latest Rug Collection Inspired by Outer Space

(3 days ago)
A new collection of rugs that are out of this world.

Clean, Mean, Quiet Machine

(3 days ago)
Clean, Mean, Quiet MachineNothing like the sound of dump trucks and bulldozers in the morning! I’m listening to it right now and daydreaming of electric power! The...

Clean, Mean, Quiet Machine

(3 days ago)
Clean, Mean, Quiet MachineNothing like the sound of dump trucks and bulldozers in the morning! I’m listening to it right now and daydreaming of electric power! The...

10 Modern Ceiling Fans That Are a Breath of Fresh Air

(3 days ago)
Rejoice! Ceiling fans are no longer an eyesore - here are 10 modern fans that'll cool you off this Summer.

A Printer You Won’t Despise

(3 days ago)
A Printer You Won’t DespiseIt seems like printers completely dominate the room there in, turning otherwise comfy spaces in to a full on copy and print center! Simply...

iPhone 7, iPhone Shmeven

(4 days ago)
iPhone 7, iPhone ShmevenJust a few months and counting until the iPhone 7 is unveiled! A lot of concepts are floating around with guesses about new camera...

The Swiss Army Knife is obsolete

(6 days ago)
The Swiss Army Knife is obsoleteNever thought I’d say this but Victorinox, you’ve been outdone. The Columbia Survival tool kit just blows my mind. Made more for outdoor survival...


(6 days ago)
Pixelpillows!How do you retain a minimalist, geometric style yet cater to ergonomics? The Pillowed Furniture series manages to do that with its stepped design....

Geometric Acoustic Wall Panels by Arper

(6 days ago)
Bold, graphic acoustic panels that add visual delight and can come outfitted with a speaker or ambient light.

The Salvation of Suitcases

(6 days ago)
The Salvation of SuitcasesIt’s 2016 already, can we have upgraded suitcases now? The only innovation I’ve seen in baggage design in the past decade is the fact...

The adidas AlphaBOUNCE Offers More Bounce to the Ounce

(6 days ago)
These new running shoes were developed using the same motion capture and mapping technology NASA used for the space shuttle.

A Dog-Friendly Office Designed with Shipping Containers

(6 days ago)
When you combine dogs and orange shipping containers you get an incredibly fun and cleverly designed office space.

Exhibit at MADE:MODERN at the 2016 WestEdge Design Fair

(6 days ago)
Get into the coolest space at the WestEdge Design Fair in LA: the Design Milk-sponsored MADE:MODERN section!

Olafur Eliasson Installs Massive, Man-Made Waterfall at Versailles

(6 days ago)
Waterfall is a massive, life-size replica of an actual waterfall that almost doesn't seem real.

Architecture-Inspired Jewelry by Vika Mayzel

(6 days ago)
A collection of jewelry inspired by reptiles and architecture.

The Answer to Alzheimer’s

(6 days ago)
The Answer to Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s disease is one of the most difficult for patients and their loved ones not only because of the mental deterioration but also the...

Friday Five with Daphna Laurens

(6 days ago)
The pair behind Daphna Laurens shares what keeps them inspired.

A Philosophically Advanced Automobile

(6 days ago)
A Philosophically Advanced AutomobileBMW has been on quite a roll, showcasing some of their most jaw-droppingly futuristic concepts. Only last week we saw a simply stunning rendition...

Noise-cancelling Never Looked So Good!

(7 days ago)
Noise-cancelling Never Looked So Good!Earphone makers may have managed to cancel out the noise but they’ve yet to cancel out the ugly! Sure, the tech has come a...
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