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The MonoCircus Manta iPhone Case Finds Oceanic Inspiration

(10 hours ago)
Japanese 3D-printed wearables boutique MonoCircus found inspiration in the sea creature, the manta, for their uniquely shaped iPhone case.

Hardware Trends with Top Knobs at KBIS 2016 [VIDEO]

(11 hours ago)
At KBIS, we talk to Top Knobs about new cabinet hardware releases and trends. WATCH!

A Modern Umbrella Stand by Seaton Mckeon & DesignByThem

(12 hours ago)
DesignByThem approached Seaton Mckeon to design a modern umbrella stand that can be used both indoors or outdoors.

A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016 Call for Entries

(13 hours ago)
The A' Design Award and Competition 2015-2016 period is still open and accepting entries - hurry and nominate your designs!

A Spin on Vinyl

(13 hours ago)
An ode to analog record players of the past, the Back to Vinyl series of players are a modern take that will add style...

Your music-minion

(14 hours ago)
Don’t be fooled. These aren’t headsets. They’re portable audio alright, but with a ‘twist’. The MusicWrap is your dedicated audio-minion that packs powerful stereo...

M&O16: Color, Form and Material at Maison et Objet

(15 hours ago)
We checked out Maison et Objet to scope all of the new work from familiar faces and to discover a couple of new names.

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries

(16 hours ago)
As one designer to another, I’ll let you in on the real deal. Publicity is everything. No one cares how many awards you may...

A New Breed of Bag

(20 hours ago)
The Standard Pacific Rucksack and Weekender bags are designed to bring the world of adventure, travel, business and street wear together! A sleek leather...

The Branch Bench

(21 hours ago)
The Branca family of seating earns its namesake from the inverted symmetry of its structural support. At a glance, it’s seemingly irregular, but focus...

Multiple Personality Vacuum Cleaner

(4 days ago)
The Electrolux Verse is so much of a vacuum cleaner that it’s two vacuum cleaners! Designer Scott Pancioli gave vacuum cleaners a makeover with...

IMM16: New Talent Steals the Show at IMM Cologne

(4 days ago)
We went straight to the Pure Talents section at IMM Cologne and rounded up some of our favorite designs from this year's show.

A Simple Apartment with a Clean Color Palette

(4 days ago)
A simple apartment got a new layout and a simple, refreshing scheme with a cohesive vibe.

A Flat-Pack, Wooden Stool with a Metal Structure

(4 days ago)
A flat-pack stool highlights the functional parts with a colorful metal structure as a design feature instead of hiding them.

Pacco: A Minimalist Desk for the Home

(4 days ago)
The compact, modern Pacco desk was designed to fit into small spaces, which is where its two-legged design originated.

Friday Five with Alex Schleifer of Airbnb

(4 days ago)
Alex Schleifer, Vice President of Design for Airbnb, shares five things that inspire his creativity in this week's Friday Five.

Disclaimer: Very Sexy Appliance Ahead

(4 days ago)
‘Tis the month for beautiful combinations! Although ‘HP Shredjet’ doesn’t really sound as poetic, it’s a wonderful melange of three souls. It acts as...

Hipster Horsie

(4 days ago)
Expose a young mind to creativity and it really nourishes them mentally. That’s one way in which designers are made! The Epona is a...

iPhone 7: Bigger Screen, Same Size

(4 days ago)
Little is known about the upcoming iPhone 7, but fanboys round the globe are crossing fingers it’s something more revolutionary than evolutionary of the...

Handmade Wooden Display for Your Records

(5 days ago)
Kai Takeshima has designed a handmade wood and brass vinyl unit that not only holds and stores your records, it displays them too.

Unique Uses of Paint from Society6 Artists

(5 days ago)
Some fun ways Society6 artists experiment with paint.

‘Take your Lamp to work’ day!

(5 days ago)
That should totally be a thing, right? When that does, you’ll want a lamp like Tack. It’s small, powerful, and it’s magnetic. Which gives...

The Medical Multi-tool

(5 days ago)
In medicine, design gives a massive amount of consideration to function. After all, someone’s life is at stake. Designing a tool that can do...

A Classic Bauhaus Villa in Munich

(5 days ago)
An L-shaped, classic Bauhaus residence in Munich designed for a young family to be energy efficient.

Socotra Launches Debut Collection of Eyewear

(5 days ago)
Socotra is an independent eyewear label that just recently launched its first collection of unisex eyewear.

BLANCO Debuts IKON Sink at KBIS 2016 [VIDEO]

(5 days ago)
At KBIS, we got a close-up look at BLANCO's IKON™ apron-front sink, made from their durable SILGRANIT material. WATCH!

Formerly Yes by Brad & Jenna Holdgrafer

(5 days ago)
Formerly Yes is a minimalist retail space located in Los Angeles, California, designed by Brad & Jenna Holdgrafer, who also own the company.

Tack: A Mobile Light Meant for City Dwellers

(5 days ago)
A multifunctional, mobile light that's ideal for small spaces, with uniform diffused lighting and no awkward shadows.

Wrists are So Last Summer

(5 days ago)
Created for everyone from athletes to the elderly, Arc is an innovative twist on the fitness band that fits around the users neck to...

The Intelligent Lunchbox

(5 days ago)
Prepd Pack is an entirely new take on the humble lunchbox! More than just a container, it’s a smart system that not only considers...

You Can Do Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey This Valentines

(6 days ago)
She buys herself some sexy lingerie and dresses up in thongs with a sweet booty call; crafting it as your Valentine’s Gift – and...

A Chair Inspired by French House Music, Like Daft Punk

(6 days ago)
Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli, of Joogii, designed a chair that was inspired by French house music from the 90s.

An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Home in West Hollywood

(6 days ago)
Located in West Hollywood, this eco-friendly home incorporates the indoor/outdoor, open-concept layout often found in California.

CKIE Product of the week – Portobello Mug

(6 days ago)
You know how you judge a person for being someone and then that very same person turns out to be pretty awesome and you...

Levity: A Draping Loop of Light by Truly Truly

(6 days ago)
For 2016, Truly Truly has completed a trio of minimalistic lamps, named Levity, that are made with a draping loop of light.

Sand-inspired Flatware

(6 days ago)
The name Dune echoes the shape of this modern flatware – in each piece the straight handle leads to a curvy transition that resembles...

The Paintings of Erik Jones

(6 days ago)
One of our current favorite artists is NY painter Erik Jones whose vibrant portraits merge styles in an eyeball-pleasing way.

Inga Sempé Reimagines Classic Persian Rugs

(6 days ago)
Inga Sempé rugs reimagine the more distinct patterns of typical Persian rugs and give way to more subtle, contemporary designs.

Making candles popular again

(6 days ago)
It’s Valentine’s month. You’re going to want to have a candlelight dinner (I’ve got a dinner date with my Netflix account), but candle-stands are...

For The Cyclist: Your Bike’s Newest Best Friend

(6 days ago)
Protecting AND showing off your awesome bike gear at the same time? That's a double win.

Dream of the 90s

(6 days ago)
If you had to describe this chair with one genre of music in history, what would it be?! Blurring the lines between art and...

One Brush to Rule Them All

(6 days ago)
The ONLY paintbrush is so named because it aims to be the one and last paintbrush you need! Anyone who’s done a DIY paint...

Objest Launches First Collection of Swiss Made Quartz Watches

(7 days ago)
The brand new Objest watch collection references an array of influences, including fashion, architecture, and product design.

Small Summer Cottage Becomes a Large Modern House

(7 days ago)
A shore house, once a small summer cottage for a family, gets a major renovation to create a much larger modern home.

Graphic, Black & White Jacquard Throws from Matt W. Moore

(7 days ago)
Matt W. Moore's launches a line of throws that feature his signature graphic patterns in black and white.

Best of Dog Milk: January 2016

(7 days ago)
We started out the year over on Dog Milk with some good stuff from DIY concrete dog houses to creative expressions for dog lovers.

Household Items Get A Refresh from Paul Owen and Isabelle Slater

(7 days ago)
These everyday items will make your everyday activities that much better.

A Colorful Mexican Hotel With Classical European Design

(7 days ago)
Located in Guadalajara, Mexico, the recently opened Casa Fayette brings a classic Art Deco-inspired hotel to the neighborhood.

No More Gum Probz

(7 days ago)
If you’re an avid gum-chewer, then you’ve probably experienced at least one of the following: gum sticking to your clothes after accidentally washing/drying, soggy...
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