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Aston Martin DBX Concept Showcased at Tom Dixon’s MULTIPLEX

(21 hours ago)
Aston Martin showcases an all-electric concept car with velvet soft interior at Tom Dixon’s Multiplex design showcase.

Edentwin: A Compact Pair of Houses in Downtown Raleigh

(22 hours ago)
Maximizing a tight lot, two modern homes share a central courtyard in downtown Raleigh.

LDF15: Ten Hours at Tent London

(23 hours ago)
During this year's London Design Festival, we spent 10 hours at Tent London and it still wasn't enough.

A Sound And Art Installation Created from 250 Cardboard Boxes

(2 days ago)
Zimoun uses 250 cardboard boxes to create architecturally-inspired sound machines.

Loco for Bogo!

(2 days ago)
Anyone remember Bogobrush from three years ago? The company changed the dental hygiene game with a toothbrush that was completely biodegradable. They’re now back...

Bow Chair by Tom Fereday

(2 days ago)
A solid wood chair whose backrest was inspired by the arching of a bow.

A road rage ender?

(2 days ago)
From red light to red light, you never quite know how long you’ll be waiting for the green! This concept by Alexander Sheremeta proposes...

Friday Five with Frederick McSwain

(2 days ago)
LR Paris' Frederick McSwain gives us insight into some of his favorite things.


(2 days ago)
You remember Samsung’s Serif TV? What a design nightmare that was, eh? (Yes, I really found it hideous.) Luckily not all of Samsung’s TVs...

When scissors just won’t cut it…

(2 days ago)
For making precision cuts, a straight edge, cutting mat, and small fixed-blade knife will usually get the job done. But there’s a lot of...

A Kettle with Longevity

(2 days ago)
Loaded with glued parts and clip fittings, the average kettle is nearly impossible to repair, giving them relatively short lifespan. They’re not only wasteful...

Roundup: Modern Duvets and Quilts

(2 days ago)
We scoped out modern duvets and quilts perfect for fall and winter to give your bed a fresh, new look.

Fresh From the Dairy: Travel Mugs

(2 days ago)
Travel mugs from Society6! Just in time for the season during which we're constantly drinking a hot beverage!

A Boutique Chapel is Converted into a Modern Home

(2 days ago)
The Chapel on the Hill is a quaint, modernly rustic holiday home you can rent out.

LDF15: Ready, Made, Go!

(2 days ago)
Commissioned objects become an exhibition for the London Design Festival.

The Art of Communication: Creative Type + Lettering

(3 days ago)
Some cool typography and lettering we came across lately that makes an impact that goes beyond the surface.

The Most Versatile Scooter Ever?

(3 days ago)
Tripod is a scooter that functions as more than just a tool for personal mobility and leisure… it also works as a portable platform...

A Furniture Collection Made Using Traditional Techniques

(3 days ago)
A furniture collaboration that focuses on using natural materials and traditional techniques.

Cubic Cable Holder by Kebei Li

(3 days ago)
A minimalist cable anchor so you never lose your wires behind your desk.

Divine Design!

(3 days ago)
This happens to be my first post about Interior Design, and I’m most certainly stoked, because this stuff is just fabulous! Titled the IK1...

Chair beyond compare

(3 days ago)
You don’t see too many seriously comfortable wooden chairs. For starters, forget the soft bum-surface, the least I could use is an adjustable backrest....

Modern Cooking for Healthy, Happy Kids!

(3 days ago)
A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Bloom is a one-of-a-kind kettle that utilises steam – an otherwise wasted form of energy –...

The Homing Pigeon of Tomorrow

(3 days ago)
Big corporations have been toying with the idea of taking to the skies to get goods to consumers. Even Pizza Hut played with the...

Another Country Celebrates Anniversary with 5 Limited Edition Pieces

(3 days ago)
An anniversary collection that's inspired by the wild, natural Dorset coast.

An Apartment for a Design-Loving Couple in Brazil

(3 days ago)
A modest, São Paulo, Brazil apartment designed for a couple who love architecture.

LDF15: Design takes over Somerset House

(3 days ago)
Somerset House came on board as a key design destination during this year's London Design Week.

Tutti Frutti: Clever Glass Sculptures from Fabrica

(4 days ago)
Pinch Food Design fell in love with these glass sculptures designed by research studio Fabrica.

Opposite Collection by Presek Design Studio

(4 days ago)
A collection of limited edition housewares that fully merge form and function.

A Welcome Closet Monster

(4 days ago)
A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Voris is the kids’ robot hamper that makes doing the laundry fun! The playful design works...

OM Sunshade by Andreu Carulla for Calma

(4 days ago)
The average outdoor umbrella gets a clever update.

I’ve got the Power!

(4 days ago)
I think we’ve waited long enough. We’ve lived in a world with too few plug-points and just the most pitiable extension power strips. The...

Move that body!

(4 days ago)
I’m horrible at skateboarding. I always find myself sitting on the sidewalk while the skateboard rolls away from me. The Blair Bodyskate, however, allows...

A Boatload of Uses

(4 days ago)
For sailors, 100s of years have proven that a good nautical knife can mean the difference between sailing safely or being thrown overboard. In...

Up Your Cooking Game!

(4 days ago)
Droponic is a smart kitchen garden that combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design to simply grow fresh greens. The product is a hydroponic small...

Glowforge Brings 3D Laser Printing to the Home User

(4 days ago)
A 3D laser printer so precise, it can print onto sheets of seaweed, and capable of automatically tracing drawings for engraving.

Seattle’s First 5-Star Built Green Live/Work Homes by Dwell Development

(4 days ago)
A pair of eco-friendly, sustainable homes that sit next to each other and offer people an in-home office.

LDF15: Delving deeper into the V&A

(4 days ago)
The Victoria and Albert Museum was once again the “hub” for the London Design Festival with a series of site-specific installations.

Yves Béhar Designs New Watch Collection for Movado

(5 days ago)
A new Movado collection features the design touches of the one and only Yves Béhar.

Unbalance by Alessandro Zambelli

(5 days ago)
A delicate object where nothing is as it seems.

Your OCD Will Love This

(5 days ago)
The Lift Up Storage System introduces an entirely new way of organizing and storing your things and keeping them out-of-sight. The system is designed based...

The LARK: A Hub for Adventurers in Bozeman, Montana

(5 days ago)
A Bozeman hotel that was brought to life by more than 200 locals, including 10 artists.

This Sofa will have you drooling!

(5 days ago)
The Re Cinto Sofa’s an award winning piece of furniture, but I love it for an absolutely unrelated reason. From a distance, it looks...

The hoverboard’s big daddy

(5 days ago)
The future’s a really great place for concepts. The future holds no restrictions on how you think, which is why some of the craziest...

The Self Sustaining Kitchen

(5 days ago)
A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab competition, Future Kitchen brings a whole new meaning to “farm-to-table” foods by producing fruits and vegetables...

Where Nature Meets Tech

(5 days ago)
AIO merges nature and tech in one desktop unit that serves as a home for both your phone and favorite plants! Carved from one...

Old Money Becomes Upholstery for New Furniture

(5 days ago)
A furniture textile made from various currencies around the world.

3D Print Your Own Color Customized Print+ Headphones

(5 days ago)
They send the audio components, you provide the 3D printer. 20 hours later you've got your own set of customized headphones.

A Multifunctional House for a Family with Small Children

(5 days ago)
A modern house in Poland with a multifunctional design plan that accommodates the entire family.

New Wood Furniture and Accessories from lampemm

(5 days ago)
A new woodworking studio that focuses on the simple beauty of wood.

Alessi Launches Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

(6 days ago)
The latest from Italian brand Alessi who continues to evolve with even more beautiful, shiny things.
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