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Historical movie images adorn the facade of National Film School in Dublin

(37 minutes ago)
Images from the history of cinematography are printed onto the glass facade of the National Film School on the outskirts of Dublin, by local architecture office ABK (+ slideshow). (more...)

Conceptual skyscraper designed for London could house its own metropolis

(One hour ago)
News: this competition-winning design by SURE Architecture envisions a futuristic skyscraper that could house an entire city – with its own ecosystem and a spiralling form that could be extended infinitely upwards. (more...)

Mobile furniture and giant hammocks allow work and play inside a Russian home

(2 hours ago)
A mezzanine hammock, an adaptable seating cube on wheels, and a combined staircase and bookshelf have been added to this play and study space for a brother and sister, designed by Russian studio Ruetemple (+ slideshow). (more...)

Kohki Hiranuma's Osaka dental surgery features curvy corners and a twisted roof

(6 hours ago)
A complex arrangement of overlapping wooden joists gives a twisted roof to this dental surgery in Osaka Prefecture by Japanese studio Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates (+ slideshow). (more...)

Broombank house by Soup Architects planned as "two white sugar cubes" floating over a meadow

(17 hours ago)
The wild rural landscape extends up over the roof of this riverside house in Suffolk, England, which was designed by British firm Soup Architects with walls built from handmade bricks (+ movie). (more...)

Grzegorz Layer creates a menswear store inside a former sewing factory

(20 hours ago)
A concrete staircase ascends to a mezzanine office at this menswear showroom inside a former sewing factory in the Polish city of Katowice, which was renovated by architect Grzegorz Layer (+ slideshow). (more...)

Studio Makkink & Bey creates Blue Pottery using traditional Indian techniques

(23 hours ago)
Dutch designers Studio Makkink & Bey collaborated with a family of craftspeople in northern India to develop a collection of Jaipur-clay ceramics (+ slideshow). (more...)

Perforated walls bring light into the heart of Gus Wüstemann's Los Limoneros house

(2 days ago)
This house in Spain by Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann features a largely windowless exterior, but an internal courtyard surrounded by perforated walls ensures that light permeates the building all year round (+ slideshow). (more...)

Via Fondazza brass vases by Paolo Dell'Elce are modelled on still life paintings

(2 days ago)
Milan designer Paolo Dell'Elce has based the shapes of these mirror-polished spun brass vases for Swedish metalware company Skultuna on vessels in paintings by a 20th century Italian artist. (more...)

New Pinterest board: skinny houses

(2 days ago)
Following our special feature exploring unusually slimline homes, we've created a Pinterest board filled with the skinniest houses from the pages of Dezeen.Follow Dezeen on Pinterest | See more skinny houses

Timber screens bring fresh air into Pedro House without compromising privacy

(2 days ago)
Tilting and folding timber screens cover sections of this house by Buenos Aires studio VDV ARQ, to provide privacy and shade for the occupants without blocking light and views (+ slideshow). (more...)

Hedda Torgersen's anthropomorphic Boo lamp to be exhibited at 100% Norway

(2 days ago)
Bergen Academy of Art and Design student Hedda Torgersen designed this desk lamp to look like a "long-legged character". (more...)

Randy Slavin paints with light to create Cobra Starship's Never Been In Love music video

(2 days ago)
Dezeen Music Project: director Randy Scott Slavin used long-exposure photography and a Kickstarter-funded tool called Pixelstick to create the floating visuals in this music video for New York band Cobra Starship. (more...)

Trees and exhibition stands line up with skylights inside Umwelt's Ambient 30_60 pavilion

(3 days ago)
This pavilion in Santiago by Chilean studio Umwelt is made up of white steel frames that outline artworks, seating and small trees beneath a series of skylights (+ slideshow). (more...)

Hella Jongerius: "Why make new stuff every year? I'm happy to work on the classics"

(3 days ago)
Dezeen Book of Interviews: in the second extract from our latest book, Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius says there's more to design than simply creating more and more new objects. (more...)

Studio Tilt's interior for Proud Archivist echoes Georgian coffee houses

(3 days ago)
London-based Studio Tilt has reinterpreted the style of 17th and 18th-century coffee houses to create the interior of a canal-side cafe and cultural venue (+ slideshow). (more...)

"Bauhaus modernism" inspires Afteroom's furniture and home accessories for Menu

(3 days ago)
Stockholm design agency Afteroom has created a coat hook, lounge chair and bar stool for Danish design brand Menu's Autumn Winter 2014 collection. (more...)

Honeycomb perforations speckle facade of Campus Netzwerk office by Format Elf Architekten

(3 days ago)
Format Elf Architekten added a pattern of hexagonal holes to the long aluminium facade of this office building in Germany to control the amount of daylight entering the interior (+ slideshow). (more...)

The nCycle is Here

(3 days ago)

This week on Dezeen

(3 days ago)
Moleskine's smartpen-compatible notebooks, the rejection of BIG's second Kimball Art Center proposal by city planners (pictured),  and new rules forcing Google to add steering wheels to its driverless car designs made the headlines this week. Read on for more architecture and design highlights from the past seven days, plus our Dezeen Music Project track of the week. (more...)

Zipbuds: Tangle-free, Zip Up Earbuds

(3 days ago)
SLIDE by Zipbuds takes the annoying tangles out of your earphone wires by "zipping" the cables up into one, tangle-free cable.

The nCycle is Here

(3 days ago)

An Updated, Mid-Century Palm Springs Retreat

(3 days ago)
A low-slung, flat-roofed, mid-century modern home in Palm Springs gets an update while staying true to its roots.

Ten of the best Nendo designs from the past year

(3 days ago)
Japanese design studio Nendo has had a prolific year, adding a diverse range of new products to its portfolio, so we've rounded up ten of the best projects featured on Dezeen in the last 12 months. (more...)

Job of the week: construction project coordinator at Aesop

(3 days ago)
This week's job of the week on Dezeen Jobs is for a construction project coordinator at Aesop, whose Shepherd's Bush store (pictured) has walls covered with grey wool felt. Visit the ad for full details or browse other architecture and design opportunities on Dezeen Jobs.

Latest Products from Sebastian Conran’s Brand Universal Expert

(3 days ago)
A simple and elegant line of cooking, storage, and organization products that marry function with design.

Bamboo lattice by Gabriel Lester perches over a Folkestone railway viaduct

(3 days ago)
Visitors to the Folkestone Triennial opening this weekend are invited to climb inside a three-dimensional bamboo lattice built by Dutch artist Gabriel Lester over a harbour railway viaduct (+ slideshow). (more...)

Meet Mister Sideboard

(3 days ago)
Mister Sideboard is pleased to meet you. Designed by WEWOOD, Mister boasts an elegant design and attention to detail with a Herringbone pattern on the door. Mister loves changing lifestyles and minds, as he’s been designed to adapt to many needs: a bar, a desk or a sideboard. He likes long walks on the beach... Read more »

A Slim, Environmentally Responsible, Reusable Water Bottle

(3 days ago)
A slim, reusable water bottle that easily slips into your bag along with your books and computer.

With smart textiles we can "download new colours or patterns" to our clothes

(3 days ago)
Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Francesca Rosella of interactive fashion brand CuteCircuit claims advances in digital "smart" fabrics will revolutionise the fashion industry, allowing us to download new styles for our clothes rather than buying new garments. (more...)

Friday Five with Cecilia Dupire

(4 days ago)
Want to know where designer Cecilia Dupire finds inspiration? Take a look at her five picks, which includes people, places, & martial arts.

Pablo Bronstein's lighthouse/beach hut hybrid pays tribute to Nicholas Hawksmoor

(4 days ago)
London artist Pablo Bronstein has created a combined lighthouse and beach hut for the Folkestone Triennial, incorporating exaggerated features that reference the work of 18th century architect Nicholas Hawksmoor.Located on the beach of the English seaside town, Beach Hut in the Style of Nicholas Hawksmoor was designed as an homage to the architectural vocabulary of the Baroque architect. Related story: Boscombe Beach Huts by a:b:i:r Architects and Peter Lewis Bronstein, who was born in Buenos Aires, chose this particular style to fill a gap in Folkestone's architectural history, which he says includes only buildings from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, up until the present day."Essentially it is a monument made of wood that evokes various other periods in architectural history," explained the artist in a video interview."If you look back at the history of architecture and you think that there are certain buildings that should have been built but weren't, or certain sorts of building that would have been fun if they had been around but weren't," he said."One of these is the lighthouse, which really wasn't around during the early 18th century."Positioned alongside the colourful beach huts that are typical of English beaches, the grey-painted structure features a bright red door, yet visitors aren't able to go inside."Its not a functioning lighthouse, it not even a functioning beach hut, but within that there's a sort of[..]

Google tests Project Wing drone delivery service

(4 days ago)
News: Google's research division has tested a delivery service using unmanned aerial vehicles in Queensland, Australia (+ movie). (more...)

The Average Font combines hundreds of characters into a single typeface

(4 days ago)
New York artist and designer Moritz Resl has compiled a new "ghostly" typeface by overlaying each letter of the alphabet from over 900 existing font families (+ slideshow). (more...)

"No one will ever write a book called Zen and the Art of iPhone Maintenance"

(4 days ago)
Opinion: is the Internet of Broken Things the logical conclusion to the ever-escalating cycle of technological development and built-in obsolesce in our gadgets, asks Justin McGuirk. (more...)
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