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Hollow High Heels are Hot!

(4 hours ago)
My belief is that with 3D printing, design should be able to achieve newer heights. 3D printing enables you to make designs that you...

Connecting Light and Architecture

(5 hours ago)
If the “Sand Bridge” pendant looks familiar, it’s because the lamp’s distinct frame takes inspiration from the iconic red cantilevered bridge. The specific one...

Guilt-free Tea

(6 hours ago)
It might not seem like a lot, but an incredible amount of energy is wasted in keeping water hot after its been boiled. Rather...

A Shelf Inspired by the Ropes in Boxing Rings

(19 hours ago)
A storage shelf with threaded cord that acts just like the ropes surrounding a boxing ring.

A Flat in Kiev That Focuses on Natural Materials

(20 hours ago)
A flat in Kiev gets renovated to modernize it through the use of natural materials.

Best of Dog Milk: November 2015

(20 hours ago)
In November 2015 on Dog Milk, we featured everything from cozy winter carriers and sweatshirts to gift ideas for both dogs and dog lovers.

Simplified 3D Landscapes by Olly Fathers

(22 hours ago)
Olly Fathers strips down the architectural forms around us to create simplified art landscapes.

2015 Gift Guide: Under $50

(23 hours ago)
A guide of gifts for when you want to limit your spending to $50.

Minimalist Collection of Furniture Serving 3 Basic Functions

(23 hours ago)
Designer furniture made up of simple lines that serve three basic household functions.

Win $250 to DLK!

(2 days ago)
Win a $250 to DLK, a new destination for shopping modern design online for the whole family.

Style Over Stigma

(2 days ago)
For any individual with a serious health condition, the problem with wearable medical tech is feeling “marked” with a problem. The Embrace smartwatch aims...

You think you know how to Chai?

(2 days ago)
For a massive percentage of Indians, chai (what we call tea) is just an absolute necessity. Some people are coffee people, me personally, I...

Rudolph with shiny antlers!

(2 days ago)
Wait, don’t go anywhere! You’re at the perfect place to be for the holiday season! Need to spice up your interiors with some of...

An Egg-straordinary Beater

(2 days ago)
While this might look like another egg beater (albeit an ergonomic and stylish one), what sets it apart is an additional and unique functionality...

Do the Carlton… Chair!

(2 days ago)
With a sinuous profile, the Carlton chair is focused on elegance of form and material. Its distinct parts are outlined in wood veneered walnut,...

A Lamp shrouded in Mist-ery

(4 days ago)
Design’s job isn’t always form follows function. Sometimes all design aims at doing is being captivating, forcing a second glance out of you, followed...

2015 Gift Guide: Art Lovers

(4 days ago)
A guide to some of our favorite modern art that would make a great gift.

Never remember another password

(4 days ago)
The pen’s mightier than the sword, but guess what’s mightier than the pen… A pen with technologically awesome capabilities! The Veri-Pen hides some serious...

A Renovation & Extension Upgrades an Art Deco House

(4 days ago)
An original Art Deco house is given a modern renovation to create a central spine and new outdoor spaces.

Adorn Milk Holiday Sale

(4 days ago)
Looking for the perfect gift? Hurry and get a handmade modern piece of jewelry from our sister shop, Adorn Milk.

A Lamp That Easily Snaps into Place Wherever You Need It

(4 days ago)
A lamp with a simple shape that comes with an integrated clamp for flexibility.

Friday Five with Matteo Bonacina of Poppin

(5 days ago)
For this Friday Five, Poppin's Matteo Bonacina shares 5 design-focused spots that keep him inspired.

The Modern Desktop Garden

(5 days ago)
The Grasslamp is a unique combination of gardening, interior decor and award winning design. This beautiful desktop lamp lets you grow your favorite micro-greens...

The Treehugger’s Chair

(5 days ago)
The Enexebre chair isn’t just natural-looking, it’s also nature-focused! Made with wood and left-overs from industrial production like wood shavings, mixed with bio-resins and...

Introducing, the e-Chopper!

(5 days ago)
The first in bicycle maker Ono’s collection of outrageously stylish e-bikes is the wild-looking Archont. The design is a three meter long easy rider,...

Batea: A Side Table with a Serving Tray

(5 days ago)
A table that adds more function by incorporating a removable tray that rests on top.

Happy Sleep To You

(5 days ago)
Now I don’t mean to freak yo out but every illness, ailment has its roots in a lack of proper sleep. A disturbed sleep...

Materials-Focused Works by Sam Linders

(5 days ago)
Sam Linders presents two new designs that focus on materials.

Bathtub = Thinner than your iPad

(5 days ago)
Yes. If you look hard enough on the internet, you’ll find the absurd. Now that’s not necessarily bad. Sometimes you’ll be surprised at how...

The best bike you’ll see this year

(5 days ago)
This week’s absolute gold for cyclists! We’ve already got three articles about two-wheelers up and here’s one to absolutely top them all! Voted as...

Greenhouse Cafe by Roni Keren Interior Design Studio

(5 days ago)
A greenhouse-inspired cafe that incorporates plants as architectural elements.

Relation by Tsubasa Iwahashi Architects

(6 days ago)
A minimalist residence in Hyogo, Japan, designed to foster a connection between its family members.

Santa Clara: Marble and Copper Organizers

(6 days ago)
A collection of marble and copper organizers with a sculptural feel.

An Irregularly Shaped Office That Sits Above the Treetops

(6 days ago)
A visually dynamic workspace that reflects its woodsy surroundings.

Time Savvy WeWOOD Watches Help Give Back To Nature

(6 days ago)
You keep hearing people talk about giving back to Mother Nature but doing little to help the situation. Well, here is your chance with...

2015 Gift Guide: Him

(6 days ago)
The holidays are the perfect opportunity to veer from the purely pragmatic or overly gadgety products traditionally associated with "him".

Tech to Bring You Closer

(6 days ago)
This candidate for the Braun Contest, called “Distance Less,” uses technology to bring families closer. It’s aimed at elderly users and focuses on a...

Broom broom pow!

(6 days ago)
Every Indian child is familiar with being woken up and pushed out of bed because the maid wants to do her monthly ceiling cleaning...

Painting With Thread: New Work by Cayce Zavaglia

(6 days ago)
An exploration of Cayce Zavaglia’s painstaking, detailed embroidery portraits from the front—and the back.

A Table that Holds Accessories in the Center

(6 days ago)
Tables that hold specially designed accessories down its center channel.

Modern Outdoor Goods From Australia Brand DesignByThem

(7 days ago)
DesignByThem's modern collection of wares includes simple outdoor furniture and accessories.

Stay Dry, Look Fly

(7 days ago)
The latest thing on my personal Christmas list is this rad waterproof jacket from QWSTION! While they’re known for their collection of versatile bags,...

A Trike for Urban Trekking

(7 days ago)
From the same designer as the EQUAL EV comes an e-trike that looks nothing short of the EQUAL’s smaller cousin! Called Urbis, the trike...

2015 Gift Guide: California Dreamin’

(7 days ago)
United by love for design and the Golden State, we teamed up with California Home + Design to bring you some of our favorite CA shops.

A Playful House Designed for Fun and Parties

(7 days ago)
A colorful, playful home designed for both children and adults.

Travol in style

(7 days ago)
Remember that Audi bicycle that was in the works? Designer Kyumin Ha just one-upped that with the Audi Travoler (Travel + Roller). The Travoler...

Quill Collection by Nao Tamura for nanimarquina

(7 days ago)
A trio of rugs inspired by the stems of feathers.

2015 Gift Guide: New Homeowner

(7 days ago)
Help your new homeowner pals out with a fun gift this holiday season.

The Everyday Urban Bike

(7 days ago)
The RubyBike, named after the Kildemoes brand mascot, is distinguished by its special equipment platform that makes it easy to add or replace various...
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