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Exquisite Macro Photos Reveal the Miniature World of Insects

(2 hours ago)
Like Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who captures whimsical images of snails, Indonesia-based photographer Nordin Seruyan uses photography to unveil a tiny world that often goes unnoticed by human eyes. Using a macro approach, he zooms in on the diverse and flourishing insect life of Southeast Asia,…

Clever and Thought-Provoking Street Art by Fra.Biancoshock

(3 hours ago)
Milan-based street artist Fra.Biancoshock creates playful "urban interventions" that are designed to disrupt the monotony of everyday life and to provide passersby with unconventional experiences. Using the urban jungle as his canvas, the mysterious artist creates site-specific installations that are at times humorous or startling, but always clever and imaginative. In Fra.Biancoshock's world,…

America's First Cat Café Opens: Drink Coffee Alongside Adorable Cats

(4 hours ago)
Yesterday, America's first cat café opened in New York City. Cat lovers, you now have only three more day to sip cat'achinos and eat pastries alongside real cats! Purina One teamed up with the North Shore Animal League, the country's largest no-kill shelter, to create this pop-up café that's the temporary home to adorable rescue cats. While the concept of a cat café has been around for a while,…

Playful Landscapes Feature the Adventures of Tiny Toy Cars

(4 hours ago)
At first you may think that these Traveling Cars Adventures are simply photographs of cars in scenic landscapes. Upon further inspection, though, viewers will be pleasantly surprised to discover that each subject is actually a small toy captured from extremely dramatic perspectives. The series has allowed the creator, 21-year-old Swiss photographer Kim Leuenberger, to…

Thousands of Staples Form Elaborate Star Wars Mosaics

(6 hours ago)
Many artists love to incorporate Star Wars themes into their work. We have seen dramatic LEGO recreations, a 30-foot long hand-stitched tapestry, and…

Modern Home’s Transparent Ground Floor Radiates at Night

(7 hours ago)
In the seaside town of Mölle, Sweden stands a modern home whose contrasting upper and lower storeys complement one another with their opposite-feeling designs. Architecture studio Elding Oscarson constructed the three-level, 300 square-meter building and clad over half of it in roughly-sawn Douglas Fir planks and kept the bottom section completely transparent. This creates an elegant visual…

Stylish “PLYbike” Features Beautiful Frame Made from Wood

(8 hours ago)
A bike with a fiberglass frame isn’t the only way to ride in style. Dots Design Studio, a multidisciplinary Bangkok-based firm, makes handcrafted bicycles using timber parts. Their sleek PLYbike is composed of sandwiched wood veneer, and highlights a beautiful surface design thanks to the contrasting-colored wood. It was recently showcased at this year’s Milan…

“Yosemite” by Photographer Ian Ruhter

(10 hours ago)
That little guy up on that cliff there is one of the most passionate photographers I’ve ever met. His name is Ian Ruhter and unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re already familiar with his Silver and Light project that’s … Continue reading →View the whole post: “Yosemite” by Photographer Ian Ruhter over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Robin Friend

(11 hours ago)
Photos from Qatar by photographer Robin Friend.View the whole post: Robin Friend over on BOOOOOOOM!.

A-Z of Dance, Finger Tutting, Memphis Jookin’

(11 hours ago)
Jacob Sutton directs this highly entertaining alphabetical catalog of dance moves on the streets of LA, featuring dancers like Lil Buck and Nicole the Pole. I especially loved the finger tutting and the memphis jookin’ (seen above). Watch “A-Z of Dance” … Continue reading →View the whole post: A-Z of Dance, Finger Tutting, Memphis Jookin’ over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Ahndraya Parlato

(12 hours ago)
Photos from “Towards An Uncertain Sight”, a series by Ahndraya Parlato.View the whole post: Ahndraya Parlato over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Digital Art by MissQualle

(13 hours ago)
Several creative digital artworks by a talented 28-year-old hobby artist from Russia – Irina aka MissQualle. Enjoy! Visit MissQualle

Concept Illustrations by Ilona Tsymbal

(14 hours ago)
Ilona Tsymbal aka Tira-Owl is a young concept artist / illustrator based in Ukraine currently working for a branding and graphic design studio Brandays Designworks. If you’re into fantasy, make sure to scroll through our picks below. Enjoy! Visit Ilona Tsymbal

10 Ways to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta Life would be grand if we only did what our fleeting hearts wanted to do, each moment of the day. Unfortunately, the laundry, taxes and difficult conversations would never get done. The best books would never be written. All the achievements of humankind would be imagined, not realized. So what should we […]

On Making It Through Tough Journeys

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta A reader wrote to me about a very tough journey he and his wife are setting out upon, and asked for some words of advice or motivation though this tough time. Difficult times can be a test of our souls, and as such can be some of the most instructive times possible. […]

The Hard Stuff Often Matters Most

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta I’ve tried a lot of types of exercise, but by far the most effective exercise in terms of results for time spent is heavy barbell lifts. For 10-15 minutes of lifting a barbell laden with weights, I get a better physique, improved health, more strength and muscle, less bodyfat. I’ve spent hours […]

What to Think About During Exercise

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta A reader wrote to me and said he gets bored during running, which makes him want to just stop running. And so he asked for suggestions for what to think about while running or exercising in general. Such a great question: if you’re bored, why would you want to do it? Why […]

You’ll Be OK

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta You’re walking down the street, and you’re worried about being late for meeting someone. You’re anxious about what they might think of you. You pass some people and worry a bit about what they think of you, without realizing you’re doing it. You’re worried about some things at work, and all the […]

The Most Important Two Minutes of Your Life

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta Two minutes here and there rarely matter very much over the course of a day, a week, a lifetime. But there are two minutes you could spend, right now, that would have a huge impact on your life. I’ll save you the suspense: it’s two-minute meditation. And it’s extremely simple: take two […]

A Call for Compassion for the Defenseless

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta We don’t like to think that our way of living is wrong, that our beliefs are untrue, that we participate in cruelty or injustice. We want to think of ourselves as good people. I know because I reacted with anger and defensiveness the first time I heard criticisms of the sweatshop clothing […]

Dynamic Residential Buildings Proposed Above Urban Transportation Hubs

(2 days ago)
Urban Alloy is an innovative architectural design concept created by Chad Kellogg and Matt Bowles of AMLGM as a way to continuously improve and expand upon urban development in dynamic cities like New York. The designers have proposed a concept that makes use of wasted spaces above intersections and transportation infrastructures."Urbanist’s have long touted the benefits of greater…

Clever Kinetic Sculpture Replicates a Bird Flapping Its Wings

(2 days ago)
Design student Joyce Lin replicated a bird flapping its wings using simple machines and materials. The kinetic sculpture is entitled Study in Bird Motion and is made with popsicle sticks and mylar that resembles feathers. It’s activated by a hand crank, which sets the entire thing in motion and mesmerizes you as its movements resemble a bird gracefully taking…

Large Coral Reef Sculpture Raises Conservation Awareness

(2 days ago)
Our Changing Seas III is part of an ongoing series featuring large-scale coral reef sculptures by artist and ocean advocate Courtney Mattison, who finds herself turning to environmental science and marine biology to find inspiration for her artwork. The artist carefully shapes the coral from glazed stoneware and porcelain to mimic the beauty of nature, using chopsticks and…

Incredible Photographs of a Bullet Piercing a Drop of Water

(2 days ago)
Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn captures beautiful collisions. His high-speed photographs freeze the exact moment when a bullet intersects with a single drop of water. This moving and instantaneous target isn’t an easy thing to document, and it requires his patience, correct timing, and a complex studio setup. The result, however, is absolutely stunning as we see a solitary…

3D-Printed Osteoid Cast Uses Ultrasound to Speed Up Bone Healing

(2 days ago)
Say goodbye to the bulk, itchiness, and odor of traditional medical casts made of plaster. Turkish industrial designer Deniz Karasahin has come up with the concept design Osteoid, a 3D-printed cast that could completely transform the healing process for broken bones. This unique concept won the 2014 Golden A' Design Award in the 3D-Printed Forms and Products Design category.The…

Silhouettes of Superheroes Reveal Their Past and Present, Part II

(2 days ago)
Fairfield, California-based artist Khoa Hoa is back with the second part of her awesome poster series, Superheroes - Past/Present. While last time we looked at the past and present of more familiar heroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, this time, Hoa may just stump you, unless you're a true comic book fan. Similar to her last set, the artist brings out the…

BMW's Sleek and Innovative Vision Future Luxury Design

(2 days ago)
BMW recently unveiled images of their new Vision Future Luxury concept car, a high-tech luxury-class vehicle that embodies the brand's progressive fusion of exclusivity and innovation. The concept features a refined and elegant exterior with sleek lines and taut curves, demonstrating the visual allure that BMW is known for. The interior of the vehicle is equally attractive, with a warm and comfortable…

The Habit Action List

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta There are a ton of people who read self-improvement blogs and books, but never but them into action. They engage in what’s sometimes called “self-improvement porn”. I’ve done this myself in the past — it was a form of fantasizing about how I was going to make my life better, get my […]

Traditional Portraits by Michael Shapcott

(2 days ago)
Michael Shapcott is a 32-year-old Central Connecticut-based painter, known for his daring color palette and emotionally charged portraits. His work deals with highly detailed graphite underdrawings which he then paints with colorful washes in oil and acrylic paints. In addition to painting, Shapcott creates art videos that track the process of painting a painting and [...]

Mixed Media by Callie Fink

(2 days ago)
Callie Fink is a young 19-year-old artist / illustrator based in Tustin, California. As you may see below, she enjoys working with mixed media, watercolor, and graphite. Get inspired guys! Visit Callie Fink

Mo Costello

(2 days ago)
    “Vitamins For Troubled Hearts”, photo series by photographer Mo Costello.View the whole post: Mo Costello over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Music Video: Young Fathers “Get Up”

(2 days ago)
Love the production on this song by Edinburgh, Scotland-based hip hop trio, Young Fathers. Watch the video for “Get Up” from their debut album Dead, below.View the whole post: Music Video: Young Fathers “Get Up” over on BOOOOOOOM!.

The Universe Says “Yes” to You

(2 days ago)
The Universe Says “Yes” to You

Gregory Halpern

(2 days ago)
Photos by New York-based photographer Gregory Halpern.View the whole post: Gregory Halpern over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Daniel Shea

(2 days ago)
Photos by Daniel Shea.View the whole post: Daniel Shea over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Ryan McGennisken

(2 days ago)
Paintings by Australian artist Ryan McGennisken, currently showing work at BSDA. More below!View the whole post: Ryan McGennisken over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Gene Guynn

(2 days ago)
Photos by California-based photographer, Gene Guynn.View the whole post: Gene Guynn over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Visualtraveling “The Persian Version” Skateboard Video by Patrik Wallner

(2 days ago)
Patrik Wallner has just released a new travel skate video, this one is a journey from Iran to Turkey. Love the guy riding the board made of solid steel! Watch “The Persian Version” below!View the whole post: Visualtraveling “The Persian Version” Skateboard Video by Patrik Wallner over on BOOOOOOOM!.

April 23, Viva Saint George!

(2 days ago)
It is likely that Saint George was born to a Christian noble family in Lod, Syria Palaestina during the late third century between about 275 AD and 285 AD, and he died in Nicomedia. His father, Gerontius, was a Roman army official from Cappadocia and his mother, Polychronia, was from Palestine. They were both Christians […]

Colorful Layers of Paper Form Intricate Sculptures and Patterns

(3 days ago)
Paris-based designer Maud Vantours is a master at constructing incredible 3D sculptures and mesmerizing patterns out of paper. After carefully cutting out assorted shapes, she meticulously builds up layer upon layer, superimposing the papers to create intricate and colorful works…

Beautiful Swirls of Paint in Water Form Stunning Portraits

(3 days ago)
South African artist Chris Slabber has created a spectacular new series called Destruction/Creation, which features images of gorgeous "sculptures" formed from paint swirling in water. While the colorful spirals of paint are already beautiful to look at, Slabber takes it one step further by using photo manipulation to form delicate figures in the billows of paint,…

Amnesty International Freedom Candles Burn as a Symbol of Hope

(3 days ago)
Amnesty International Freedom Candles are a set of limited edition candles, designed by Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk of Coarse, that were developed as a fundraiser for Amnesty International. Each of the three candles represents an injustice that Amnesty International continues to fight against. As the candles melt, the injustice disintegrates before our eyes and a more…

Shared Table Where People Can Work and Cats Can Wander

(3 days ago)
Wait a minute. Is that a cat inside a table? Created by Ruan Hao for Hangzhou and Hong Kong-based architecture firm LYCS, CATable is a functional wood table that's designed for both people and cats! Like we've seen many times before, there's been a growing trend of transforming livable spaces for the comfort of your cat. While German design company Goldtatze took…

Brand Slogans Reinterpreted to Tell the Hilarious Truth

(3 days ago)
Advertising agencies work hard to brand a product and develop a specific slogan to convey the idea behind that brand. However, once the product is out in the world, there's no telling what will happen. And that's where Honest Slogans comes in. Created, written, and managed by graphic designer Clif Dickens, the website features hilariously reinterpreted concepts that translate slogans into what people really think.We first came across…

The World's Largest Airport is Coming to Istanbul in 2018

(3 days ago)
Large international airports can be daunting places. With the hustle and bustle of countless passengers, well-organized and thoughtfully designed terminals are important. This is especially true with an upcoming airport that’s located on the Black Sea near Istanbul, Turkey. It’s being called Istanbul New Airport, and it is on track to be the largest in the world,…

Nicolas Jolly Crafts Impressive New Fingerprint Drawings

(3 days ago)
Using just pen and ink, French artist Nicolas Jolly crafts intricately-swirling images that are as impressive as they are detailed. Each composition is comprised of a meticulous collection of mark-making featuring countless black hatches that effortlessly flow in different directions. Jolly calls this his “fingerprint” technique, and the waves of lines animate the subject and add a…

Digital Art by Johannes Voss

(3 days ago)
Johannes Voss aka Algenpfleger is a 25-year-old professional freelance illustrator and digital painter from Leipzig, Germany. If you’re into digital concept art, make sure to scroll through our picks below. Get inspired! Visit Johannes Voss

Cool Concept Art by David Nakayama

(3 days ago)
David Nakayama aka DNA-1 is a 35-year-old American concept artist and comic book artist from Hawaii, currently based in Santa Clara, California. Below, you may scroll through 20 inspiring artworks handpicked from his portfolio. Enjoy! Visit David Nakayama

Goran Jovanović

(3 days ago)
Photos by Goran Jovanović. More below.View the whole post: Goran Jovanović over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Peter Peri

(3 days ago)
Mixed media works by London-based artist Peter Peri.View the whole post: Peter Peri over on BOOOOOOOM!.
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