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When Fear is Stopping You From Pursuing Meaningful Work

(23 hours ago)
By Leo Babauta I was having a discussion with a friend recently who is holding himself back from doing the purposeful work he thinks he wants to pursue. What’s holding him back? Fear of putting himself out there in public. Fear of failure. Fear of being judged. Fear of choosing the wrong path. Fear of […]

Society6 — Ones to Watch: An Interview with Kim Leutwyler

(2 days ago)
Kim Leutwyler Kim Leutwyler’s Website Kim Leutwyler on Instagram

The importance of the eyes

(4 days ago)
Paulo Coelho   “I sell churches.” I stood astonished as he continued: “I am employed by the Vatican to select buyers, since there are more churches than churchgoers in Holland. And since we have had awful experiences in the past, seeing sacred places turned into nightclubs, condominiums, boutiques and even sex shops, we changed our […]

Artist Spotlight: Conor Harrington

(4 days ago)
New work from Irish painter Conor Harrington (previously featured here).                                 Conor Harrington’s Website Conor Harrington on Instagram

Photographer Spotlight: Jesse Rieser

(6 days ago)
Jesse Rieser                                 Jesse Rieser’s Website Jesse Rieser on Instagram

“Viewpoints” by Artist Cinta Vidal

(7 days ago)
Cinta Vidal                                                                     Cinta Vidal’s Website Cinta Vidal on Instagram Cinta Vidal at ThinkSpace

“Panacea” by Benjamin Garcia

(7 days ago)
Benjamin Garcia                                                     Benjamin Garcia’s Website Benjamin Garcia on Instagram Benjamin Garcia at Thinkspace

Give Up Comfort

(7 days ago)
By Leo Babauta I was boarding an airplane today, and the woman ahead of me had a huge travel pillow, a blanket, and a few other items designed to give her maximum comfort on the flight. Someone I know was about to go on a trip, and they spent a month worrying about whether they […]
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