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The importance of the cat in meditation

(5 hours ago)
Having written a book about madness (Veronika decides to die) , I was forced to wonder how many things we do are imposed on us by necessity, or by the absurd. Why wear a tie? Why do clocks run “clockwise”? If we live in a decimal system, why does the day have 24 hours of […]

What’s the Most Loving Thing You Can Do?

(3 days ago)
By Leo Babauta The question I’ve been asking myself lately, before I do anything, is a deceptively simple one: “What’s the most loving thing you can do in this situation?“ Now, that might sound corny to some of you, might seem irrelevant to most of you. But give me one minute of your time to […]

35mm Camera Made Entirely with 3D Printing

(3 days ago)
SLO is a 35mm camera created by 3D designer Amos Dudley, every part of which is 3D printed, including the lenses (although those took about 5 – 6 hours to be sanded down by hand). Designed with a modular lens … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Nils Ericson

(3 days ago)
Photos from “Iowa” by Brooklyn-based photographer Nils Ericson. Fantastic work. More images below.

Botanical Sculptures Made From Recycled Paper by Artist Kate Kato

(4 days ago)
A selection of intricate sculptures by artist Kate Kato. Inspired by botanical illustrations and love of nature, her pieces are constructed out of recycled materials and natural dyes. See out more images below or at Confluence Gallery (in Washington) October 15 – … Continue reading →

Watch: “Chilly Gonzales & Peaches” by Patrick Doyon

(4 days ago)
Excited to officially release the first video in our 6-part series of animated shorts for Red Bull Music Academy. Highlighting stories of unique musical collaboration, this inaugural episode features Chilly Gonzales and Peaches reminiscing about the first time they met. This episode features visuals … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Drew Young

(4 days ago)
A selection of recent work by Vancouver-based artist Drew Young (click here for previous posts). More images below.

Best of Kickstarter: The Voyager Golden Record

(4 days ago)
When NASA launched Voyager I and II in 1977 they included a special recording created by a committee of artists and scientists chaired by astronomer Carl Sagan. The Voyager Golden Record was their attempt at encapsulating Earth and its inhabitants … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Teresa Orazio

(5 days ago)
A personal project by graphic designer and art director Teresa Orazio. More images from “Moonmambo” below.

Habit Guide Ebook, Habit Mastery Video Course, and Mindfulness Seminar Available

(5 days ago)
By Leo Babauta I told you guys earlier about the Kickstarter campaign for my Habit Zen app, but today I wanted to share three special rewards that I included in that campaign: a habit guide ebook, my new Habit Mastery video course, and a one-day mindfulness seminar with me in San Francisco. These are three […]

20 SEC READING: The older sister’s question

(6 days ago)
  When her brother was born, Sa-chi Gabriel begged her parents to leave her alone with the baby. They refused, fearing that, as with many four-year-olds, she was jealous and wanted to mistreat him.  But Sa-chi showed no signs of jealousy. And since she was always extremely affectionate towards her little brother, her parents decided […]

Developing a More Flexible Mind

(7 days ago)
By Leo Babauta It’s my belief that a flexible mind helps us to deal with chaos, loss, big life changes, small frustrations, and all that life throws our way. A flexible mind leads to more peace. You’re not as stuck in your ways, and can adapt to change. You don’t always think you’re right but […]

Constructive Criticism: Share Your Work

(7 days ago)
After all the responses last time, thought it’d be nice to do this again! Every week I get lots of emails asking for feedback on work and it’s pretty overwhelming and impossible to get through them all. The Monthly Reader Submissions posts exist for … Continue reading →

Hats by Laura Apsit Livens

(7 days ago)
These hats by London-based designer Laura Apsit Livens are on another level. More images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Mel Tow

(7 days ago)
A selection of work by illustrator Mel Tow. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Maddy Young

(7 days ago)
Drawings by Melbourne-based artist Maddy Young. More images below.
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