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Ninja training

(15 hours ago)
The Ninja warriors go to the field where some wheat has just been planted. Obeying the trainer’s command, they jump over the places where the seeds were sown. Every day the Ninja warriors return to the field. The seeds turn into buds, and the warriors jump over them. The buds turn into small plants, and […]

Resting in the Open Nature of Life

(3 days ago)
By Leo Babauta So much of our days are filled with an underlying feeling of difficulty: Procrastinating when things seem difficult or overwhelming Distracting ourselves and doing small tasks Feeling like we’re doing things wrong, and searching for the right answers Trying to get things under control when they feel chaotic Trying to comfort ourselves […]

“Co-Existe” by Ezequiel Pini, Ben Willett & Cody Cobb

(3 days ago)
A slick collaboration from art director Ezequiel Pini (of Barcelona-based Six N. Five), New York-based graphic designer Ben Willett and Seattle-based photographer Cody Cobb (previously featured here). Based on the idea of how a level of human intervention could be incorporated into the natural, virgin landscapes Cobb is well known for capturing, the project uses … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Anna Brody

(3 days ago)
A selection of photos by photographer Anna Brody, currently based in Georgia. Brody’s statement reads “Edging, GA is an ongoing project simultaneously creating and documenting a place that doesn’t really exist. Though Edging is not a real place, it’s very close – more mirage than fantasy. It’s something you can really see that looks tangible … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Wayne Horse

(3 days ago)
Drawings by Amsterdam-based artist Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse. Having started drawing at a young age and finding he’d become set in his ways, Eilers started posing different challenges for himself which resulted in a years-long exercise he refers to as ‘breaking the hand’: “I started to draw with my left hand, to draw to … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Arthur Hitchcock

(3 days ago)
A selection of photos by photographer Arthur Hitchock, currently based in Oregon. This work is the combination of the documentation and narrative surrounding the contemporary work of Ryan Neil (American Bonsai Professional/Live Sculptor) and the connective lines between his past practice as an apprentice in Saitama, Japan.  

“Ora Ora” by Artist Shohei Otomo

(4 days ago)
Shohei Otomo continues to capture the ongoing battle between Japanese youth culture and Western influence with his latest exhibition, “Ora Ora.” While the phrase has no direct translation in English, it’s perhaps best understood as a battle-cry commonly used by thugs and as an onomatopoeia for the exertion of a punch or kick in Manga. … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Phoebe Cummings

(4 days ago)
Temporary floral sculptures made from raw, unfired clay by UK-based artist Phoebe Cummings. The botanical arrangements are made in response to the specific environments in which they are displayed and last only as long as each individual exhibition. See more images below.  

Artist Spotlight: Alex Chinneck

(4 days ago)
More incredible public artworks by British sculptor Alex Chinneck (previously featured here). “Six pins and half a dozen needles” creates the impression of a building being torn in half, while “Take my lighting but don’t steal my thunder” involves the appearance of one half of a building hovering over the other. See more images of … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Johan Barrios

(4 days ago)
Recent work by Colombian artist Johan Barrios, currently based in Houston, Texas. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.  

Artist Spotlight: Kohshin Finley

(5 days ago)
Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Kohshin Finley. See more images below or on display as part of One Year: The Art of Politics at the Brand Library in Glendale, California starting November 18.  

Illustrator Spotlight: Harriet Lee-Merrion

(6 days ago)
A new piece from Bristol-based illustrator Harriet Lee-Merrion. Made for the band Low Island’s forthcoming track “The Whole World Tucked Away,” the elaborate scene is an exaggeration of the everyday things we see accentuated online, from luxury lifestyles, to violence and the wonders of the natural world. As Lee-Merrion shared with us: “I was interested in the … Continued

“The Riverbed” by Photographer Kentaro Takahashi

(6 days ago)
A lovely series about the uncertainty and ephemerality of life by Yokohama-born, Tokyo-based photographer Kentaro Takahashi. Grappling with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 and inspired by a painting of the Tama River by Katsushika Hokusai, Takahashi’s long-term project attempts to capture something of contemporary Japanese society and the feelings … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Mikael Takacs

(6 days ago)
Swedish artist Mikael Takacs creates brilliantly distorted paintings by dragging paint across the canvas using various tools like sticks and combs. Click here for previous post. See more images below.  

20 SEC READ: The Chinese bamboo

(6 days ago)
After the bamboo seed is planted, you don’t see anything for approximately five years, other than a tiny shoot. All of its growth happens underground; a complex root system that extends vertically and horizontally in the earth begins to form. At the end of the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo grows until it is approximately […]

How We Lose Sight of the Profound Awesomeness of Life

(6 days ago)
By Leo Babauta There are moments when we are able to soak in the incredible beauty of life, the preciousness of it, the awe-inspiring power of the world around us. It is breath-taking, gorgeous, deeply moving. But most of the time, we forget. We move through our days like we’re in a daze, checking email […]

“Interiors and Landscapes” by Artist Jonas Wood

(6 days ago)
New work by Los Angeles-based artist Jonas Wood (previously featured here). See more images from “Interiors and Landscapes” below or on display at David Kordansky Gallery until December 16. All images courtesy of the artist and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Photography credit: Brian Forrest.  

Editor Pick: Jesse Jacobi

(7 days ago)
A series of paintings depicting a heavily-forested world, and the mysterious people and artifacts that inhabit it, by artist Jesse Jacobi from Ferndale, Michigan. This project was submitted by Jacobi and selected by us as an Editor Pick. Consider participating here if you have work of your own you’d like to share! See more images … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Michael Dandley

(7 days ago)
Recent work by artist Michael Dandley (previously featured here). See more images below or check out his solo show, “Dreamscapes” at Nahcotta gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire until November 26.  

20 SEC READ: Learning to live with some wounds (ENG, PORT,ESPA)

(7 days ago)
Illustration by Ken Crane____________________ EN ESPANOL CLICAR AQUI: Puercoespines EM PORTUGUES CLICAR AQUI: Os Porcos-Espinhos ____________________ During the Ice Age many animals died because of the cold. Seeing this situation, the porcupines decided to group together, so they wrapped up well and protected one another. But they hurt one another with their thorns, and so […]
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