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Motohiro Takeda

(3 minutes ago)
New York-based photographer Motohiro Takeda makes these images using a camera obscura (not really sure how). More images below.View the whole post: Motohiro Takeda over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Winnie Truong

(3 minutes ago)
“Rites of Passage”, gorgeous new drawings by artist Winnie Truong currently up at Galleri Benoni (Copenhagen). Lots more below.View the whole post: Winnie Truong over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Maria Nguyen

(One hour ago)
Illustrations by Maria Nguyen. Found via April Submissions.View the whole post: Maria Nguyen over on BOOOOOOOM!.

“Slow Life” Extreme Close-Ups of Marine Animals

(One hour ago)
Very little is known about the daily life of the beautiful corals and sponges in the ocean. Photographer Daniel Stoupin took 150,000 shots to make this video clip of some of these marine animals, using a process known as focus … Continue reading →View the whole post: “Slow Life” Extreme Close-Ups of Marine Animals over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Liisa Kruusmagi

(10 hours ago)
Drawings by Liisa Kruusmagi. Found via April Submissions. More below.View the whole post: Liisa Kruusmagi over on BOOOOOOOM!.

The power of the prayer

(11 hours ago)
I have have asked my readers to reflect upon “prayer” and write to my blog. Amanto: The only true prayer is the one in which our heart burns with the presence of God. If you have prayed in this way, perfect! If you have prayed because you want something, or because of financial difficulties, you […]

Stunning Invisible Barn Mirrors the Surrounding Landscape

(16 hours ago)
In a seamless integration of architecture and nature, New York design practice STPMJ has come up with the Invisible Barn, a site-specific architectural folly that reflects and merges with the surrounding landscape. Originally submitted as a proposal to the popular Folly competition, the…

Street Art Project Spreads 4,000 Blue Butterflies Throughout the World

(17 hours ago)
Artist Tasha Lewis has started a global street art project where she will create 4,000 magnetic butterflies and then send them in packs of 400 to 10 groups around the world. In total, the swarms of butterflies will travel to 100 different homes, hopefully landing in all seven continents. Born from the fact that, as an individual artist living in New York City, she would not…

Incredible Aerial Photos Reveal Intricate Beauty of Our World

(17 hours ago)
Ocean City Amusement Park in Ocean City, Maryland The best part about sitting in the window seat of an airplane is the view. As it makes its final descent, you have a breath-taking vantage point where everything appears miniaturized and looks unreal. Photographer and licensed pilot Alex MacLean has spent years “sticking his camera out the cockpit” of a…

Dad Uses Photoshop to Recreate Album Covers with His Sons

(17 hours ago)
Lance Underwood has undoubtedly cemented his status as a "cool dad" thanks to his fantastic recreations of music album covers with his two sons, Taj and Amar. On the Tumblr QT Albums, Underwood posts album covers that he's Photoshopped his sons into, assembling a fun collection that shows off his creativity, sense of humor, and his sons'…

Beautifully Intricate Food Illustrations Pay Tribute to Pet Bird

(17 hours ago)
When food illustrator and food stylist Anna Keville Joyce’s pet bird died, she mourned for its loss in a tangible way. She utilized her professional creative skills to aid in the healing process, and the results are beautiful. A Tribute to Budgie is a series of elegant birds comprised of food and arranged on plates. Joyce came up with the images and crafted the illustrations while…

Banksy's New Mural Features "Mobile Lovers" in Bristol, UK

(17 hours ago)
Banksy, the infamous street artist, had been quiet since his whirlwind tour of New York City last fall. Well, he’s up to his old tricks again, and his website was recently updated with a new piece that’s painted on a quaint stone wall on Clement Street in Bristol, United Kingdom. The website Street Art News…

Sashiko Yuen

(23 hours ago)
Drawings by Sashiko Yuen. Los Angeles. More below.View the whole post: Sashiko Yuen over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Hot Artworks by Guillem Marí

(2 days ago)
Guillem Marí is a freelance illustrator and painter currently based in Ibiza island, Spain. The list of his clients includes Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Schibsted Publishing Co., Uitgeverij de Boemerang and Editorial Vicens-Vives, amongst others. Below, you may scroll through the very best from his portfolio. Enjoy! Visit Guillem Marí

Digital Art by Cathrine Langwagen

(2 days ago)
Cathrine Langwagen is a 36-year-old Swedish fantasy artist specializing in concept art and photo manipulation. Kat has always had a wild imagination and a very visual mind and she expresses that side in creative outlets such as art and hand crafted items. Enjoy her artworks below! Visit Cathrine Langwagen

Same But Different “Theo’s Story”

(2 days ago)
I don’t know if I’m just extra emotional tonight or what, but I cried two times watching this video by director David Barnes. This kid’s honesty and the beautiful filming and editing, ahh it’s too much for me right now. … Continue reading →View the whole post: Same But Different “Theo’s Story” over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Petros Kok

(2 days ago)
Photos by Petros Kok. Athens, Greece.View the whole post: Petros Kok over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Classic Album Covers Flipped to Show a Reverse Perspective

(2 days ago)
The Dark Side of the Covers is a witty collection of classic album covers that show what it might look like from the "other side." Created by Flickr user Harvezt, each imaginative design features the well-known art from albums like the Beatles' Abbey Road, Nirvana's Nevermind, and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, with a bit of a twist.In…

Magical Light Show Produces Carpets Along a Church Floor

(2 days ago)
Magic Carpets is an elaborate installation by Miguel Chevalier in which the French artist transformed a former church space into a mesmerizing spectacle of sound and lights. He used digital technology to project a variety of multicolored light patterns and mosaics, inspired by Islamic art, across the floor. As viewers walked throughout the space, the interactive designs adjusted…

Stunning Swimming Sculpture is Carved From a Single Piece of Wood

(2 days ago)
It may be hard to believe, but this stunning sculpture was carved from a single piece of basswood. Artist Stefanie Rocknak, who you may remember as the creator of that ghostly Edgar Allan Poe sculpture, is behind this fascinating figurative work. Slightly larger than…

Senior Citizens Reveal What Tattoos Look Like on Aging Skin

(2 days ago)
With more and more of the general population getting tattooed, there’s always the thought of how body art will look as people age. This question is answered through photographs of senior citizens who’ve partially stripped down and show us how their tattoos are faring in their twilight years. Overall, it’s not that bad. Some of the ink quality is better than others, of…

Deteriorating Swimming Pool is a Stunning Optical Illusion

(2 days ago)
The pool that artist Jeroen Bisscheroux crafted isn’t the type that you’d swim in. Instead, it’s a completely flat art installation and optical illusion. The carpet-like painting is titled POOL, loss of color and it depicts a nearly empty, deteriorating swimming pool. Although it’s an impressive sight, Bisscheroux’s work is meant to evoke more than just a sense of wonder as it…

The Sweet Relationship Between a Farmer and His Pigs

(2 days ago)
Over the course of ten years, Kagawa-based photographer Toshiteru Yamaji captured the special bond between Japanese pig farmer Otchan and his 1,200 pigs. As you can tell by these photos, he cared for each individual pig in a loving and caring way. In Yamaji's book Pigs and Papa, watch as the cigarette smoking, beer drinking man becomes like their proud papa as he reads…

On Making It Through Tough Journeys

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta A reader wrote to me about a very tough journey he and his wife are setting out upon, and asked for some words of advice or motivation though this tough time. Difficult times can be a test of our souls, and as such can be some of the most instructive times possible. […]

Artist Projects Images of the Past on Modern Korean Landscape

(2 days ago)
In his photo series Historic Present, Seoul-based artist Sungseok Ahn projects an image of the past on a screen placed in front of the same present-day location, overlapping past and present, history and modernity, and space and time. Through these images, we can track how much historical sites have changed. Ancient structures are replaced with sleek facades made of glass and steel; worn…

Spectacular Installation Celebrates Light and Time

(2 days ago)
Renowned Japanese watch manufacturer CITIZEN recently unveiled a stunning installation called LIGHT is TIME at Milan Design Week. Displayed in the Triennale di Milano exhibition hall, the spectacular installation consists of 80,000 main plates (the structural bases of watches) suspended from 4,200 metal threads hooked to the ceiling. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for viewers,…

Classic Album Covers in Google Street View

(2 days ago)
Last week I posted the fantastic “Dark Side of the Covers” project, where an artist imagined the flip side to iconic album covers. I just came across this equally cool blog post by Reddit user Shystone (Halley Docherty), who is now … Continue reading →View the whole post: Classic Album Covers in Google Street View over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Amazing Illustrations by Ilya Kuvshinov

(3 days ago)
Ilya Kuvshinov aka Kr0npr1nz is a 24 years old artist / illustrator from Moscow, Russia currently working as a lead artist for the mobile game company Game Insight. Below, you may scroll through over 30 inspiring illustrations handpicked from his portfolio. Enjoy! Visit Ilya Kuvshinov

Concept Art by Brad Rigney

(3 days ago)
Brad Rigney aka Cryptcrawler is a 43-year-old digital concept artist based in the United States where he works in the gaming industry for companies like Wizards of the Coast and Bungie. His contributions to Bungie’s Halo ODST have helped to make it one of the most successful video games ever. Let’s take a look at [...]

Tom Hoying

(3 days ago)
“I almost drowned in the Blue River”, a photo series by photographer Tom Hoying. Found via the April Submissions.View the whole post: Tom Hoying over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Anna Conway

(3 days ago)
Paintings by Anna Conway. More below.View the whole post: Anna Conway over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Giveaway: Cecilia Camera Straps

(3 days ago)
This week I’m giving away four camera straps courtesy of Cecilia. A little bit about the straps: “The full-grain leather is selected from premium Argentinian cowhides. The hides are finished in the USA with surface treatments that give the leather its … Continue reading →View the whole post: Giveaway: Cecilia Camera Straps over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Photographer Jovan Todorovic

(3 days ago)
Photos by Jovan Todorovic. More below.View the whole post: Photographer Jovan Todorovic over on BOOOOOOOM!.

“Aquarium” by Kin Chan

(3 days ago)
“Aquarium” is a photo series by photographer Kin Chan, shot over a two-year period. I love the sense of wonder that is captured in these little faces. More photos below.View the whole post: “Aquarium” by Kin Chan over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Aakash Nihalani

(3 days ago)
Some new works by Aakash Nihalani, from “Vantage”, his solo exhibition at Wunderkammern. More below.View the whole post: Aakash Nihalani over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Stunning Blue-Green Mineral with Incredbly Textured Interior

(3 days ago)
This beautiful mineral was recently sold for a whopping $5,000 by Rob Lavinsky of the Arkenstone. Measuring 9 x 7 x 6 centimeters, the stunning specimen is described as Chalcedony on Chrysocolla stalactites (pocket). With a blue-green chalcedony-crusted exterior, an unusual pocket that opens to reveal the…

Giant Installation in Pakistan Confronts Drone Operators with the Face of a Victim

(3 days ago)
In a an empty field in the heavily bombed Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa region of Pakistan, a massive portrait shows the face of a little girl, her eyes innocent yet piercing. This giant print was installed by a collaboration of artists and local villagers as a part of the project #NotABugSplat, designed to target the Predator drone operators who routinely harm civilians in their drone strikes.The artist…

Adorable "Batkid" Throws His First Major League Pitch

(3 days ago)
The city of San Francisco saw a very special superhero last fall. Batkid, also known as Miles Scott, is a five-year-old leukemia patient (now in remission!) who had his wish of being Batman for a day fulfilled through the Make-a-Wish foundation. We saw him rescue a damsel in…

Impressive 3-Storey Treehouse Built as a Labor of Love

(4 days ago)
In 2004, Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez purchased Camp Wandawega, his childhood getaway, with the intention of preserving its old buildings and cabins. Surratt’s father christened the newly-obtained property by hanging a rope swing on the giant elm located in the center of camp. Sadly, he passed away a year and a half later, and almost immediately afterwards the…

Playful Balloon Chair Appears to Be Floating in Mid-Air

(4 days ago)
Director Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese studio h220430 is the mastermind behind this playful chair that seems to be suspended in mid-air. The Balloon Chair concept features what appear to be ten helium balloons attached by strings to a floating seat.In reality, each balloon is constructed out of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and a cord that are connected to the ceiling by hidden…

Lively Scribbles Produce Energetic Portraits of Famous Faces

(4 days ago)
Malaysia-based illustrator Vince Low uses a playful scribbling technique to produce his energetic black and white portraits. He first discovered his lively process while doodling in his sketchbook. He realized that his notes were actually the path towards worthwhile final products.Low says, "I knew that it would be a challenge for me to scribble out and capture…

Mother Takes Adorable Portraits of Her 10-Month-Old Baby and Their Rescue Dog

(5 days ago)
Not such Tokyo-based mother Aya Sakai's photos of her son and their French Bulldog, have I seen such a cute pairing like this! Meet Zoey and Jasper. Lifestyle photographer Grace Chon recently turned the camera on her…

Expressive Landscapes Filled with Strikingly Bold Colors

(5 days ago)
Artist Erin Hanson has always had an affinity for painting, but she didn't pursue her full time artistic career until she was living in Las Vegas and rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon. The breathtaking scenes throughout the land prompted Hanson to develop a goal of producing one painting per week. For the past eight years, she has stuck to that goal and continues to create stunning oil…

Clever Game of Thrones Illustrations Show Each Episode's Beautiful Death

(5 days ago)
I can't think of any other more beautiful artistic tribute to a television show than this one. Beautiful Death, by studio agency 360i and artist Robert M. Ball, is an illustrated series that shows us the death or deaths that occurred in each episode of the HBO hit show Game of Thrones. So far, each episode in all three seasons have been illustrated as well as the…

Eye-Opening Photos Juxtapose Images of Present-Day and WWI-Era Europe

(5 days ago)
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the conflict that not only reshaped Europe, but also fundamentally transformed the world and international power structures. Over 16 million soldiers and civilians were killed and more than 20 million wounded, making WWI one of the deadliest conflicts in history. To commemorate the war's centennial, Scottish photographer Peter…

13-Year-Old Girl Symbolizes Future of Mongolian Tradition

(5 days ago)
24-year-old photographer Asher Svidensky recently traveled to west Mongolia with the intention of documenting the lives of traditional Kazakh eagle hunters, people who tame eagles for the purpose of hunting smaller animals. As an artist, Svidensky wanted to preserve the tradition that is passed from generation to generation of men, but found that along his journey, there was much…

Touching Series, Featuring a Grandfather with Alzheimer's, Shows a Family's True Love

(5 days ago)
Life with Pito is an incredibly moving series by photographer and daughter-in-law Ginger Unzueta. Back in 2007, when her husband was deployed in Iraq, he made a satellite phone call to his family. It was then that one of his brothers informed him of the tragic news - their father had been diagnosed with…

Elevated Vacation Home Offers Incredible Views of the Ocean

(5 days ago)
Stationed above the coast on Great Ocean Road in Australia, The Pole House is a modern home with incredible views of the ocean. It was designed by F2 Architecture and is considered one of Australia’s iconic buildings, commonly referred to as the most photographed house on the road. It’s not hard to see why. The elevated structure sits on a slender-yet-sturdy pole with a long, suspended…

Brilliant Illustrations by DZO Olivier

(6 days ago)
Pau, France – based DZO Olivier is an artist / illustrator with incredible penmanship and otherworldly imagination. Below, you may check out over 30 insane artworks handpicked by our team. This one is a must-see! Visit DZO Olivier
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