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The Creator Class: On Set With Photographer Tonje Thilesen

(One hour ago)
Brooklyn-based photographer Tonje Thilesen shares her fascination with suburban American and how she approaches her work in this lovey profile for The Creator Class’s Canon Creator Lab series. #canoncreatorlab is a collaborative campaign from TCC and Canon, aimed at empowering the next generation of photographers, filmmakers, and social storytellers through online and offline programming. In … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Chris Merchant

(2 days ago)
Chris Merchant                                                             Chris Merchant’s Website Chris Merchant on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Luisi Mera

(2 days ago)
Luisi Mera                                 Luisi Mera’s Website Luisi Mera on Instagram

“It’s too late for postcards” by Artist Joshua Cocking

(5 days ago)
Joshua Cocking                                 Joshua Cocking’s Website Joshua Cocking on Instagram

Photographer Spotlight: Ben Clement

(7 days ago)
photographer Ben Clement (previously featured here). If you think about Olympic Diving, with it’s precision, grace and minimal splash. Now think of the opposite. Bombing is part of the New Zealand DNA. People who bomb come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. It’s a thing for everyone and can be done off jetties, bridges, … Continued
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