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Between faith and prayer

(2 hours ago)
‘Is there anything more important than prayer?’ a disciple asked his teacher. The teacher told the disciple to go to a nearby tree and cut off a branch. The disciple obeyed. ‘Is the tree still alive?’ asked the teacher. ‘As alive as it was before.’ ‘Then go over there and slice through its roots.’ ‘If […]

Artist Spotlight: Evah Fan

(8 hours ago)
Recent work from artist and illustrator Evah Fan (previously featured here). See more images below.  

Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Selby

(2 days ago)
Paintings by artist Elizabeth Selby, currently based in Colorado Springs. Working predominantly in female portraiture, Selby’s work is both deeply personal and concerned with the very idea of self. Most recently, Selby has seen how an ancient personality chart, the enneagram, has changed the way those around her see themselves and the world around them. … Continued

Finding Stillness: Resting at Home in the Middle of Chaos

(2 days ago)
By Leo Babauta There’s a part of us that wants to find peace from all the chaos in our lives, all the busyness and distractions and complication and stress and overwhelmingness of it all. We want to get away from it all, or get control of everything and create order out of the mess. We […]

“Figures of Color” by Photographer Marcus Maddox

(2 days ago)
Lovely work by photographer Marcus Maddox from Nashville, Tennessee. Created with the help of production and floral designer Rachel Wayne as well as stylists Christine Tran Schumanna and Elliott Weaver, Maddox’s ongoing series utilizes subtle colour contrasts to highlight the significance and beauty of diversity. While Maddox’s figures may not don much colour themselves, as … Continued

“Polyphony” by Artist Maria Kreyn

(3 days ago)
New paintings by Russia-born, New York City-based artist Maria Kreyn (previously featured here). See more images from “Polyphony” below or on display through Heist Gallery until May 29.  

John Malkovich as Iconic David Lynch Characters by Photographer Sandro Miller

(3 days ago)
American photographer Sandro Miller captures a series of David Lynch-themed vignettes featuring Miller’s longtime friend and collaborator John Malkovich. See more images from “Psychogenic Fugue” below.  

“Grab Bag” by Artist Mark Whalen

(3 days ago)
A new series of multi-dimensional work by Los Angeles-based artist Mark Whalen (previously featured here). Formulating a nLately, I have been formulating new relationships with sculptural work. Grab Bag is a that presents non-traditional totems representing life’s folly. The result is familiar juxtapositions of materials, found objects, and everyday stockpiles. Mark Whalen 2018 See more … Continued

“Borderless” by Photographer Yishu Wang

(4 days ago)
New work from Zhejiang/Shanghai-based photographer Yishu Wang. Based on observations from Wang’s own life as well as some of his travels, the series attempts to demonstrate that the world is far less defined and much more flexible than we might think. See more images from “Borderless” below.  

Artist Spotlight: Phuong Nguyen aka Jacquell

(4 days ago)
Captivating watercolours by Saigon-born, Bologna-based artist Phuong Nguyen (aka Jacquell). Aiming to capture moments of fleeting and undisclosed feelings, Nguyen’s paintings often involve figures of women suspended against a dark background alongside various natural elements emblematic of femininity in art and literature. While simultaneously jarring and whimsical, her work is ultimately about balance and harmony. … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Guim Tió

(4 days ago)
A selection of work by Barcelona-based artist Guim Tió. Describing Tió’s work as a “breath of fresh air” — one that forces us to take a break from our lives and luxuriate in “the pause” — art critic Gisela Chillida sees Tio’s latest paintings as an exercise in imagination rather than recollection: “If his last … Continued

Illustrator Spotlight: Fran Caballero

(5 days ago)
Describing his own work as “a terrible, macabre kind of physical comedy,” Glasgow-based illustrator Fran Caballero explores a particularly deceptive simplicity, utilizing irresistible shapes and colours to play on our expectations. As he states: “I feel like a lot of my personal work begins with refining or focusing on something a bit rubbish, and spoon … Continued

Act with Devotion & Intention, Letting Go of Attachment to Outcome

(5 days ago)
By Leo Babauta You’re starting a project or a new exercise plan, and it’s in shaky new territory for you. You feel doubt about whether you can do it, and so you’re tensely doing everything you can to make sure it will turn out the way you hope. The stress, fear, doubt and tension here […]

Association of the Week: The Triangle

(5 days ago)
The triangle is one of the most elementary symbolic figures due to its geometric aspect: it’s basically the simplest way of linking three points in space with straight lines. Yet not all triangles have the same meaning. In excavations made near to Lepenski Vir in the Danube, there was found many blocs of stones shaped […]
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