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Illustrator Spotlight: Jose Mendez

(8 hours ago)
A selection of new work from London-based illustrator Jose Mendez! Click here for previous post. More images below.

Little Changes Can Make a Huge Difference

(12 hours ago)
By Leo Babauta When I’m feeling down, I make a list of what’s contributing to the down-ness: Didn’t get enough sleep Overwhelmed by too much to do Not exercising or eating well Got in an argument with someone Feeling uncertainty about something So there might be five different factors contributing to a funk. That’s a […]

Reader Submission: Animated Gifs by Anna Salmi

(21 hours ago)
Found these war-related animated gifs by Anna Salmi in our October Reader Submissions. Have a look at another powerful one below.

Life-like Animal Sculptures Made From Rolled Newspaper

(22 hours ago)
Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates life-sized animal sculptures using tightly rolled strips of wet newspaper. See more images and video below or on display at MOAH:CEDAR in Lancaster, California until January 7th.

Making love

(2 days ago)
“Anyone who is in love is making love the whole time, even when they’re not. When two bodies meet, it is just the cup overflowing. They can stay together for hours, even days. They begin the dance one day and finish it the next, or–such is the pleasure they experience–they may never finish it. No […]

Photographer Spotlight: Evelyn Bencicova

(2 days ago)
A selection of photos from “Faceless” by photographer Natalia Evelyn Bencicova. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Connor Willumsen

(2 days ago)
A selection of drawings by Calgary, Alberta-born artist Connor Willumsen. More images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Jesse Salto

(2 days ago)
A selection of images from “On The Road”, a series by photographer Jesse Salto. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Brooks

(2 days ago)
A selection of work by Chicago-based artist Stephanie Brooks. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Merijn Hos

(3 days ago)
“Gradient Exploration”, an ongoing series by artist Merijn Hos, based in the Netherlands. More images below.

Magazine Cover Parodies by Bloomberg Businessweek

(4 days ago)
Bloomberg Businessweek continues to kill it with their art direction. They recently created parody versions of other well-known magazines for their annual The Year Ahead issue, mimicking the style of iconic publications like Time and Wired to convey the range of topics that are … Continue reading →

Reader’s story: two choices in life

(4 days ago)
sent to me by Dr. Proja There are always two choices in life, either put up with the conditions as they are, or take the responsibility to change them. It happened one fine day when I was at my father’s clinic attending to his patients whilst he was out of town. A lady named Saraswati […]

Artists Create Gig Posters for New Oasis Documentary

(6 days ago)
Tim Lahan   Our friends at The World’s Best Ever have tapped artists (and Oasis fans) Tim Lahan, Justin Hager and the gang over at Friends of Type to create gig posters for the release of the new documentary, Oasis: Supersonic. Can’t wait for … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Dana Oldfather

(6 days ago)
A selection of paintings by self-taught artist Dana Oldfather. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Julie Heffernan

(6 days ago)
Recent paintings by artist Julie Heffernan (previously featured here). More images below.

“Spirit Quest” Skateboard Film Will Melt Your Mind

(6 days ago)
  Colin Read (Mandible Claw) has made quite a name for himself over the past few years as one of skateboarding’s most exciting filmmakers. His film Tengu: God of Mischief, specifically the subway section of the film where Koki Loaiza ollies across … Continue reading →

Nobody believes

(7 days ago)
Legend has it that right after his Enlightenment, Buddha decided to go for a walk in the country. On the way he came upon a farmer, who was impressed at the light shining from the master. “My friend, who are you?” asked the farmer. “Because I have the feeling that I am standing before an […]

Artist Spotlight: Joseph Minek

(7 days ago)
Cleveland, Ohio-based artist Joseph Minek experiments with traditional photographic processes to create images that resemble modernist abstract paintings. See more of Minek’s work below.

Exhibition: Evan Hecox’s “Northern” and Drew Leshko’s “Heaven is Whenever”

(7 days ago)
Amsterdam-based Andenken Gallery is hosting concurrent solo exhibitions of American artists Evan Hecox and Drew Leshko. “Northern” showcases Hecox’s ongoing series of paintings based on photos from his trip through Iceland and the Netherlands last year while Leshko’s “Heaven is Whenever” captures … Continue reading →

Ultralight: The Zen Habits Guide to Traveling Light & Living Light (short read ebook)

(7 days ago)
By Leo Babauta I’m excited to announce the latest “short read” ebook that I’ve written: Ultralight: The Zen Habits Guide to Traveling Light & Living Light. Traveling light has become one of the joys of my life, shedding the extra weight in return for freedom, lightness, and energy. This book contains my recommendations and methods […]

Opinion: How to Email an Illustrator

(7 days ago)
We recently came across an article proposing the most efficient way to communicate with an illustrator, and it’s relevant for anyone looking to hire creatives of any discipline. Illustrator Kyle T. Webster wrote the article to act as “a guideline that will … Continue reading →
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