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The Law of Jante…

(23 hours ago)
  – What do you think of Princess Martha-Louise? The Norwegian journalist was interviewing me on the banks of Lake Geneva. As a rule I refuse to answer questions that are not relevant to my work, but in this case there was a reason for his curiosity: on the dress that she had worn on […]

Illustrator Spotlight: Tatsuro Kiuchi

(2 days ago)
Tatsuro Kiuchi                                                                                                           … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Samuel Rodriguez

(2 days ago)
Samuel Rodriguez (previously featured here).                                         Samuel Rodriguez’s Website Samuel Rodriguez on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Jesse Fillingham

(3 days ago)
A selection of recent work by artist Jesse Fillingham (previously featured here). See more images below.                                                 Jesse Fillingham’s Website Jesse Fillingham on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Gabrielle Teschner

(3 days ago)
Gabrielle Teschner                                                                     Gabrielle Teschner’s Website Gabrielle Teschner on Instagram

“Balance” by Illustrator Evan M. Cohen

(3 days ago)
Evan M. Cohen                                 Evan M. Cohen’s Website Evan M. Cohen on Instagram

Photographer Spotlight: Jean-Vincent Simonet

(4 days ago)
Paris/Zurich-based photographer Jean-Vincent Simonet.                                                                                                       … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Thomas Cian

(5 days ago)
Thomas Cian                                                     Thomas Cian’s Website Thomas Cian on Instagram

“Heads of Psychopaths” by Artist Sebastian Onufszak

(5 days ago)
Sebastian Onufszak                         Sebastian Onufszak’s Website Sebastian Onufszak on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Jenny McGee Dougherty

(5 days ago)
Jenny McGee Dougherty                                                             Jenny McGee Dougherty’s Website Jenny McGee Dougherty on Instagram Jenny McGee Dougherty / Tappan Collective

Artist Spotlight: Lukifer Aurelius

(6 days ago)
Lukifer Aurelius                                                             Lukifer Aurelius on Instagram Lukifer Aurelius / Beinart Gallery

Artist Spotlight: Anna Valdez

(6 days ago)
Anna Valdez                                                                         Anna Valdez’s Website Anna Valdez on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Jake Kean Mayman

(6 days ago)
Jake Kean Mayman                                             Jake Kean Mayman’s Website Jake Kean Mayman on Instagram
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