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Book Giveaway: “Anonymous” by Photographer Anthony Tafuro

(11 hours ago)
A visual exploration of renowned hacktivist group, Anonymous, by Brooklyn-based photographer Anthony Tafuro (previously featured here). Following from BA.KU. (2015), which followed a balaclava-clad skateboard crew in Vancouver, Tafuro’s latest publication with powerHouse Books is based on a years-long project driven by his own fascination with the subversive international network as well as the very … Continued

“Palm Springs, USA” Zine by Photographer Nick Joseph

(2 days ago)
Nick Joseph                         Nick Joseph’s Website Nick Joseph on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Paul X. Johnson

(2 days ago)
New work from artist and illustrator Paul X. Johnson (previously featured here). See more images below.                               Paul X. Johnson’s Website Paul X. Johnson on Instagram

Herding Cats: A Simple Method for Working with the Disorder of Our Lives

(3 days ago)
By Leo Babauta When we’re trying to change our habits and our lives, even if you have some success, you’ll notice two longer-term difficulties: Habit efforts get sidetracked, you are constantly in a state of transition, things are always in flux, and it can all feel completely out of control. What you really want is […]

Photographer Spotlight: Chelsea Ker

(4 days ago)
A selection of images by Vancouver-based artist Chelsea Ker. See more from “Things”  below. Each week our members share their work with us and we highlight the best of these submissions as Editors’ Picks. You can learn more about becoming a member.                               … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Alp Peker

(4 days ago)
For six months I haven’t been sharing on Booooooom and I’m happy to be sharing again, with my rejections. I reject the standardized beauty. I reject the classical sense of pain. I reject the correct form of family and relationships. I reject to see genders. I reject well put happiness. I reject having fun the … Continued

Spoke Art’s “Miyazaki in Los Angeles”

(7 days ago)
Spoke Art pays tribute to the work of legendary Japanese filmmaker and animator Hayao Miyazaki with another whimsical showcase of unique artworks inspired by Studio Ghibli classics like Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke (click here to check out our post on the inaugural exhibition). Held in Southern California, the epic three-day group pop-up will feature over … Continued

Camera Stories: Pat Valade and his Olympus MJU II (Stylus Epic)

(7 days ago)
Keep it small and simple. The Olympus stylus, I’ve broken a few but this one’s lasting so far. I took this by the sea during a big winter storm, it was a constant dance of trying to shoot and jumping back and forth with the water. So this was taken during a winter storm on … Continued

“Present; Tense” by Photographer Vincent Glielmi

(7 days ago)
Vincent Glielmi                                                                                                           … Continued
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